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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
Land of the Lost: A Questionable Day "A Questionable Day"
Give-A-Show Projector slides
Produced by Kenner, 1976
Writer: Unknown
Artist: Unknown

A questionable day for the Marshalls.

Read the complete story here on PopApostle and there is also a video slide show available on YouTube

Notes from the Marshall Timeline

I've placed the story during season two because Will is portrayed wearing a brown shirt, which he does in most of the season two episodes (he wears a blue shirt throughout season one).

Didja Know?

These strips came inside the box for the Give-A Show projector, a cheapo children's toy from the 70s that uses a flashlight bulb to project premade filmstrips onto the wall. The box in which it came loudly proclaims "Featuring Land of the Lost" with a little cartoon of the Marshalls observing the hatching of a giant egg--the creature emerging from the egg looks more like a baby Godzilla than a dinosaur--a scene which never occurs in the filmstrip story.

The filmstrip does not have a title. I chose "A Questionable Day" based on my questioning of whether this could be considered a real story in the LOTL universe.

This story is so bad, I can only consider it part of the chronology if I take it as a dream by one of the Marshalls. Otherwise, it relies too much on coincidence, a very unbelievable reaction by Rick, and a preposterous resolution. In fact, it's downright surreal, making it a perfect dream story!

Didja Notice?

Holly is wearing a red shirt with black cross-hatched stripes. Holly wears a red-and-white plaid shirt throughout the TV episodes. Probably the cross-hatched coloring would have too difficult to pull off with the primitive artwork and reproduction on the film strips.

Rick is wearing a short-sleeved brown shirt. In the TV episodes, he always wore long sleeves.

Grumpy is colored green in every panel instead of brown and has three claws on his forelimbs (tyrannosaurs only have two). Possibly the artist was using photo references of Big Alice instead!

When Rick proposes to pull Grumpy out of the crack in the ground, Will exclaims, "But he weighs tons!" This is true, an adult T. rex could weigh in excess of 6 tons.

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