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This is the PopApostle archive of Land of the Lost articles and commentary. Please send any writings (or artwork) on the subject you may have and I'll post it here and do my best to keep things up to date.

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An interview with Vice President of Creative Development at Sid & Marty Krofft Pictures, Rob Klein was conducted by Nathan Despenas on 1/10/23. Lots of exciting info on the whereabouts of LOTL props and also future plans from the Kroffts that are currently in development, such as a prop museum for fans and a streaming network for all things Krofft!

Rob Klein Interview

The latest essay by River Rasmussen, exploring what "all of time and space" means to the Land of the Lost.

The All of Time and Space Paradox

A new round of short essays by River Rasmussen, this time theorizing about the Altrusians...their origins and their evolution.

Dagartar - The God of the Pit
The Altrusians - Only Human
Agamba - The Next Altrusians

The first in a series of essays by River Rasmussen about how all three versions of Land of the Lost (1970s TV show, 1990s TV show, and the 2009 movie) can be reconciled.

Zarn - The Observer

Don't miss this wonderful article by Grant Goggans which argues that Land of the Lost is an unqualified masterpiece. I think you'll like it.

Here is the very interesting original script for the original series episode "Skylons", called here "Sky Snakes."   Thanks to Mike Bisbee for forwarding the copy!


Check out my timeline of the original Land of the Lost.   It's comprehensive but a bit eccentric, so be warned.


And a timeline of the 1990's Land of the Lost series.


I have an exclusive David Gerrold Interview here!!  David is the genius behind most of the concepts of the first season of Land of the Lost, many of which carried over to the subsequent seasons and even the '90's incarnation. And don't forget to check out David's own website!


Also, be sure to read another interview with the great one conducted by David Lambert, concerning the Star Trek animated series, Land of the Lost, and other projects.

While only minimally LOTL related, this article from an old issue of the children's magazine, Dynamite! has some photos from the show and features an interview with the Kroffts about the short-lived theme park they had in the 70s.  (Thanks to Robert Porter for providing the scanned article.)


A song by the band, Tastes Like Chicken.  It's all about Sleestaks with some cool soundwaves of dialog from the show!


Another exclusive interview available only on T. lex!  Robert Gavin, Kevin Porter of the 90's LOTL, was kind enough to answer a few questions about himself and his work on the show.


The long-lost Nels Olsen's wonderful Land of the Lost Episode Guide.

An excellent Land of the Lost article from Cinefantastique, 1977, provided by Robert Porter. Thanks for sharing, Robert!


Check out the Crystal Stories of the Land of the Lost by Les Fountain
Plus, a gallery of LOTL graphics

Eric Erpelding has been gathering information about the Pakuni language since 2005 or so. Here is an amusing message of his to the Lost List:

To see if I could translate some Pakuni using the material I have gathered, I went to episode number one, Cha-Ka.

Not much Pakuni is spoken in this episode. Besides Ta, Sa, and Cha-Ka chanting "Ota, Ota, Ota", (Fire, Fire,

Fire) and Cha-Ka telling the Marshalls the name of his people, Pakuni, only one sentence is spoken, and that is by Ta to the Marshalls and Cha-Ka, when he is about to confront them to get Cha-Ka back.

Ta says:

"Abu, Sa efi ye baku? Erukani!, Ye ba!"

(actually, to my ear, "baku" sounded more like "de-too." Baku was the closest word I had that sounded like it might fit.)

Here is the translation:

"Child, What things you bring? Freaks! You come!"

Hmmmm, Ta never was very friendly.

Here is a Collection of the Pakuni Language as gathered by Eric and myself. More to come!

Collection of the Pakuni Language

I've noticed that while there are a number of photos of the large, main panels of the classic metal lunchbox of LOTL70 available on the web, the images on the sides are not to be found. So, I finally scanned all six sides of the one in my possession (obtained at the San Diego Comic-Con some years ago). Enjoy!

(By the way, does anyone know who painted the images for the lunchbox? I think they did a pretty cool job...though the Sleestak look a little odd!)

Land of the Lost lunchbox panels

A collection of Land of the Lost inspired music videos.

Lost List member Bryan Derksen has kindly put together for us a review of the writer's guides of not only the original Land of the Lost series but, also, the proposed 1987 sequel series (which never came to fruition) Land of the Lost: The Return.

Reading Bryan's synopses of the two guides, it's surprising to see the difference in the prohibition of magic use in proposed scripts for the two series. The original series guide definitely prohibits such plot points, while Land of the Lost: The Return seems to centered around a magical villain, Prince Vozko. I suppose it could be argued the prince's powers and "magic items" are based on the "science" of the Land of the Lost in same way.

"A Review of the Land of the Lost Writer's Guides"

As I re-watch the episodes of Land of the Lost on DVD I'll be posting facts relating to each episode such as translations of Pakuni words used, sound bits of memorable dialog, screen grabs and interesting notes gleaned from the audio commentaries.

Episode Studies - LOTL70

Episode Studies - LOTL90

On flickr someone has scanned the pages of an article from Starlog #8, September 1977, which includes a number of images of Gene Warren's stop-motion work and miniature sets from Land of the Lost.

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