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Marshall Timeline

This timeline is a bit unconventional, so may deserve some explanation.

As can be seen in the table below, I've reinterpreted the order in which the first and second season episodes take place.

Season one by airdate:
 1.  Cha-Ka
 2.  The Sleestak God
 3.  Dopey
 4.  Downstream
 5.  Tag Team
 6.  The Stranger
 7.  Album
 8.  Skylons
 9.  The Hole
 10. The Paku Who Came To Dinner
 11. The Search
 12. The Possession
 13. Follow That Dinosaur
 14. Stone Soup
 15. Elsewhen
 16. Hurricane
 17. Circle
Season one in chronology:
 1.  Cha-Ka
 2.  The Sleestak God
 3.  Dopey
 4.  Downstream 
 5.  The Stranger
 6.  The Search
 7.  Tag Team 
 8.  Skylons
 9.  Album
10.  The Hole 
11.  The Paku Who Came To Dinner
12.  Circle
13.  The Possession
14.  Follow That Dinosaur
15.  Stone Soup
16.  Elsewhen
17.  Hurricane
Season two by airdate:
18. Tar Pit
19. The Zarn
20. Fair Trade
21. One of Our Pylons is Missing
22. The Test
23. Gravity Storm
24. The Longest Day
25. The Pylon Express
26. Nice Day
27. Baby Sitter
28. Musician
29. Split Personality
30. Blackout
Season two in chronology:
18. Tar Pit
19. The Zarn
20. Nice Day
21. One of Our Pylons is Missing
22. The Test
23. Musician
24. Gravity Storm
25. The Longest Day
26. Fair Trade
27. The Pylon Express
28. Baby Sitter
29. Split Personality
30. Blackout

I feel that many of the episodes do not make chronological sense in the order they've traditionally been shown. A very good example, I think, is "Circle". Traditionally, it's been considered the final episode of the first season (in fact, it was, apparently, intended to be the final episode of the series!). But when looking at the events that occur in it, it seems clear that we're seeing the Marshalls in a story that takes place before several of the earlier aired episodes. Specifically, in "Circle" (original airdate 12/28/74) the Marshalls are depicted as discovering, for the first time, the Sleestak in their dormant season. However, in the earlier episode "Follow That Dinosaur" (original airdate 11/30/74) the Marshalls are already aware of the Sleestaks' hibernation status and actually witness the end of their dormancy when the lava rises in the Devil's Cauldron.

Several other episodes are less straightforward in their continuity contradictions (particularly in the second season), leaving room for argument as to their proper position in the timeline. (Perhaps it is, in a way, fortunate that the third season seemed to ignore much of the continuity established in the first two seasons, making it "acceptable" in the traditionally aired order.)  The episodes that I have placed out of their original order are followed by my own comments as to why I believe they should be placed as I have them in the chronology. The day on which each set of events takes place is just my best guess unless stated otherwise.

I have used a timespan of about 1.5 years to cover all of the events of the three seasons of the original Land of the Lost. The producers seemed to want the viewers to think that a relatively short amount of time has passed for the Marshalls as witnessed by the fact that Holly is still treated like a child mostly and she continues wearing the "same" clothes throughout the series even though we know that Kathy Coleman grew into a young woman during the three years the show was in production. Even 1.5 years may be a generous amount of time by that reasoning, but I had to leave some gaps between adventures!

I originally developed this timeline for my own use several years ago in order to map out my fan fiction based on Land of the Lost, hence its eccentric nature.



Black=directly from the TV show

Tan= speculation based on events from the TV show. Parenthetical comments following are my reasoning in believing the speculation or the events' particular placement in the chronology to be valid.


DAY 1 (Opening titles of the first and second season; "Circle"):

  • Marshalls are rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon when an earthquake strikes; they plunge down a waterfall and through a time/space portal.

  • Marshalls arrive in the Land of the Lost and are immediately threatened by a tyrannosaur soon to be known as Grumpy.

  • Grumpy steps on raft, tearing it irreparably. (The Marshalls never use the raft again, so it must be irreparably damaged. I don't think it was damaged severely by the fall, since the Marshalls survived it (perhaps aided by the cushioning of the inflated raft).

  • Marshalls hide from Grumpy in cave at High Bluff and decide to make it their home.

  • Marshalls retrieve goods from the raft; they use a thin log like a yolk to carry packs, etc. between them in one load. They gather bamboo to make a large basket for use with a pulley to help haul stuff from the ground to their cave halfway up the cliffside. (We see in the first episode that the Marshalls have most of their equipment despite having "abandoned" it during the flight from Grumpy--they must have gone back to retrieve it. I threw in the log-carrying/one trip explanation to make it sound plausible that they accomplished the retrieval AND the pulley/basket construction AND the events below all on the first day--see comments in third paragraph below for why I believe this must all happen on the first day.)

  • Grumpy returns to High Bluff, Marshalls sharpen one end of the log to make "fly-swatter", chase off Grumpy. (We see in the first episode that the fly-swatter is sharpened on one end.)

  • Grumpy returns again, Marshalls use fly-swatter. (Comments by the Marshalls in the first episode ("Cha-ka") suggest Grumpy has made a frequent nuisance of himself.)

  • That night, Marshalls eat some of what is left of their own food and see 3 moons in the sky. (In the first episode, "Cha-ka" {Day 2}, the Marshalls are still searching for native edibles and Rick mentions seeing three moons in the sky "last night." Their search for food and Rick's comment is why I believe the first episode takes place on their second day in the Land of the Lost; if they had been there much longer, they all would have noticed the multiple moons and would likely have already found something edible by now.)


DAY 2 ("Cha-ka")

  • Marshalls search for food in the jungle and encounter Spot.

  • Holly names Grumpy.

  • Will and Holly discover a pylon (with no key).

  • Marshalls encounter Pakuni and rescue Cha-ka from Grumpy; they splint Cha-ka's fractured leg.

  • That night, Cha-ka feigns sleep and steals the lighter.

  • Marshalls follow Cha-ka and meet Ta and Sa.


DAY 3 ("Cha-ka")

  • In the morning, Marshalls find fruits and vegetables left by Cha-ka.


DAY 4-8

  • The Pakuni avoid the Marshalls. (In "The Sleestak God", the Marshalls encounter Cha-ka for the first time since he tried to steal their lighter; it's not hard to imagine that the Pakuni would still be wary of the humans.)
  • Marshalls fix up the cave for "permanent" living, do limited exploration of the area and begin building "shopping cart". (I've inserted this speculation because something needs to fill up the time between "Cha-ka" and "The Sleestak God." In TSG, the Marshalls remove Cha-ka's splint, believing his fractured leg to be healed, so obviously several days, at least, have passed. At the same time, they still have not discovered the Lost City or even the crevasse, so they couldn't have had too much time for exploration. Five days seems the minimum, to me, amount of time for Cha-ka's leg to sufficiently heal; but, again, it can't be too many days or the Marshall's would have the Land of the Lost more fully explored by now. Also, in "Dopey" we first see the already complete shopping cart.)


DAY 9 ("The Sleestak God")

  • Will and Holly cross the crevasse, discover the Lost City and encounter Big Alice.
  • Will and Holly encounter Cha-ka and remove his splint.
  • Marshalls discover "Beware of Sleestak" warning.
  • Sleestak capture Will and Holly and suspend them over the pit of the Sleestak god.
  • Cha-ka leads Rick to the Lost City to rescue Will and Holly.


DAY 10

  • Marshalls complete the shopping cart.


DAY 11 ("Dopey")

  • Will and Holly use the completed shopping cart to gather giant strawberries; they encounter the baby apatosaur (nee brontosaur), Dopey, for the first time
  • Holly tries to teach Dopey to pull the cart.


DAY 12 ("Dopey")

  • Marshalls take Dopey to swamp to live with Emily and the other apatosaurs.
  • Marshalls decide to build log raft to take downstream. (Since "Downstream" is the next episode in the chronology, I just think it's neat to think that they got the idea when they visited the swamp in "Dopey".)


DAY 12-15

  • Marshalls build raft. (We see that the raft is already complete at the beginning of "Downstream.")


DAY 16 ("Downstream")

  • Marshalls head down the river on a log raft, hoping to find an ocean or cities; they come upon a waterfall and must jump from raft.
  • They enter a cave on the cliffside which leads them to a "crystal cavern" where Confederate soldier Jefferson Davis Collie III is mining crystals.
  • Collie tells Marshalls the river never ends; he tries to keep them there.
  • Marshalls secretly follow Collie to the underground river (below the waterfall); Sleestak chase them all into the river.
  • Marshalls discover that the river ends up back in the swamp where it began.
  • Collie heads back to his cavern.


DAY 17

  • Unknown.


DAY 18 ("The Stranger")

  • Marshalls find the Mageti, encounter Enik.
  • The Mageti is destroyed; Marshalls lead Enik to the Lost City; Enik shows them the time-doorway chamber; Marshalls agree to leave Enik in peace to try to open the doorway to his own time.

(I've placed "The Stranger" earlier in the timeline than it's airdate simply to 1) allow more time to pass before the Marshalls attempt to mess with the matrix time-table themselves in "The Hole" and 2) at the beginning of this episode, the Marshalls are still searching for food and wary of which plants might be poisonous, suggesting an adventure early in their time in the Land of the Lost.)


DAY 19 ("The Search")

  • Marshalls search for crystals; Rick gets shocked by a combination of crystals.
  • Will goes to Enik for help; the time doorway happens to open to Earth but Will refuses to go without his family.
  • Enik uses two long, white crystals to heal Rick.

(I've placed "The Search" fairly significantly earlier in the timeline than it's airdate {and only one day after "The Stranger"} for two reasons. 1) Dialog in the episode suggests that the opening events take place only shortly after the Marshalls met Enik and at one point Will says he thinks the sound they hear coming from the Lost City is Enik opening the doorway and probably going back to his own time. 2) I believe the Marshalls would want to begin searching for crystals for their own use almost immediately after learning of their usefulness in both "Downstream" {for light/heat} and "The Stranger" {force field}).


DAY 20-26



DAY 27 ("Tag Team")

  • The Marshalls harvest wild turnips and giant carrots; the Pakuni steal the vegetables.
  • Will, Holly and Cha-ka are chased by Grumpy and slide down to a ledge in the crevasse to escape.
  • Rick, Ta and Sa rescue the youngsters.
  • The Marshalls teach the Pakuni to harvest their own wild vegetables.


DAY 28-33



DAY 34 ("Skylons")

  • Will and Holly discover the weather pylon, use the key to enter, and mess with the crystal matrix table, causing lightning storms outside.
  • Grumpy bites the pylon and gets an electrical shock.
  • Skylons appear and flash the proper color sequence telling the Marshalls how to fix the weather.

(I moved "Skylons" up one position in the episode order because I felt that "Album" should immediately precede "The Hole" for reasons explained below.)


DAY 35-38



DAY 39 ("Album")

  • Will becomes entranced by a strange hum which leads him to the Lost City; there he holds a blue crystal and sees his mother in a fake time-doorway (set up by the Sleestak).
  • Later, Rick and Holly find Will in the jungle.


DAY 40 ("Album")

  • Will is again entranced by the sound, Holly follows him to the Lost City and they both touch the crystal and see their mother.
  • That night, neither of them is able to tell their father of what happened to them.


DAY 41 ("Album")

  • Will and Holly discuss their experience while gardening.
  • That evening, they both become entranced and head to the Lost City; Rick secretly follows them.
  • Rick sees the image but realizes it is a Sleestak trap and frees his children.
  • Having not seen Enik in the Lost City, the Marshalls begin to think he has, perhaps, managed to return to his own time; they think it is time to attempt to open the time-doorway themselves soon. (I wanted the Enikless "Album" episode to take place just before "The Hole" so that there would seem to be a reason that the Marshalls chose to return to the time-doorway chamber when they did.)


DAY 42 ("The Hole")

  • Rick and Will go to the Lost City to attempt to open the time-doorway; Rick is knocked into the pit of the Sleestak god by a Sleestak.
  • Rick meets S'latch whom the Sleestak are sacrificing to the god, fearing the throwback's intelligence; Will and Holly come to their aid; S'latch promises to try to guide his people. (Apparently, S'latch failed since we never see him again!)
  • Despite the temptation of the time-doorway, the Marshalls decide against visiting the Lost City for a while due to the danger of the Sleestak. They hope that S'latch will be successful and will soon be able to insure their safety. (I wanted to come up with a reason why the Marshalls don't spend more time messing with the time-doorway and why they do not see Enik until "Circle".)


DAY 43-50



DAY 51 ("The Paku Who Came to Dinner")

  • Will and Cha-ka gather giant strawberries while Dopey pulls the shopping cart.
  • Cha-ka stays for dinner and spends the night at High Bluff.


DAY 52 ("The Paku Who Came to Dinner")

  • The Pakuni are entranced by Holly's perfume.
  • Grumpy eats Holly's perfume-soaked, brown jean jacket.


DAY 53-56



DAY 57 (The Surprise Guests)

  • Cha-ka brings a dozen Pakuni to breakfast at High Bluff.
  • Marshalls and Pakuni encounter baby tyrannosaur and it's mother.

(The Surprise Guests is a Land of the Lost Little Golden Book published by Whitman in 1975.)


DAY 58-66



DAY 67 ("Circle")

  • Marshalls swim in water-hole; they discover an underwater cavern with tunnels leading to the Lost City.
  • Marshalls see the Sleestak in hibernation; some Sleestak awaken and chase them.
  • Enik shows the Marshalls a recurring image of themselves in the time-doorway and tells them how to fix it; Marshalls step through the time doorway (Enik tells them it will take them home).
  • Enik watches the events of the Marshalls arrival in the Land of the Lost.
  • (Something happens to undue/prevent the events of "Circle" since the Marshalls continue to exist in the Land of the Lost and never mention the events described above in any subsequent episode.)

(As stated in my introduction to the timeline, I've placed "Circle" significantly out its airdate order. To reiterate: in "Circle" the Marshalls are depicted as discovering, for the first time, the Sleestak in their dormant season, hence it seems only logical that it should take place sometime before "Follow That Dinosaur" in which the Marshalls are already aware of the Sleestaks' hibernation status and actually witness the end of their dormancy when the lava rises in the Devil's Cauldron.)


DAY 68-72



DAY 73 ("The Possession")

  • A pylon opens due to a conjunction of the moons; Cha-ka enters and is possessed by a glowing, green baton.
  • Holly gets ahold of the baton, becomes possessed and drains the energy from many crystals and heads back to the pylon.
  • Rick removes crystals from the pylon's matrix table; the Possessor, seemingly an Altrusian, "dies."


DAY 74-84



DAY 85 ("Follow That Dinosaur")

  • Marshalls realize "dinosaur nip" is growing around High Bluff and weed it out.
  • Marshalls discover a dummy dressed in 18th century clothing; they find the diary of Private Konik inside.
  • Hoping to find a way home, the Marshalls follow the diary's instructions and find a trail to a magma chamber in the Lost City; they discover that the rising lava brings the Sleestak out of dormancy and must flee, no closer to finding a way home.


DAY 86-90



DAY 91 ("Stone Soup")

  • A bad drought is in progress due to the Pakuni having stolen crystals from the weather pylon.
  • Rick makes stone soup.
  • Marshalls get crystals back from Pakuni and replace them in the pylon; rain falls.


DAY 92-105



DAY 106 ("Hurricane")

  • Will and Holly discover a pylon on a mountainside; Will messes with it, accidentally opening a portal through which Beauregard Jackson's hypersonic glider enters the Land of the Lost.
  • The portal stays open in the sky, causing high winds.
  • That night, Jackson stays with the Marshalls.


DAY 107 ("Hurricane")

  • One skylon gets sucked into the portal.
  • Using the pylon's matrix table, the Marshalls maneuver the portal so Jackson can parachute through it.
  • Jackson and the pylon are both swallowed by the portal.

(I placed "Hurricane" before "Elsewhen" simply due to my own leaning towards the artistic estheticism of having "Elsewhen" be the first season finale, seeing as how I've invalidated "Circle" as same!)

DAY 110 (The Dinosaur Adventure)

  • Professor Potts arrives in the Land in his flying saucer style spaceship.

  • Potts studies the dinosaurs with Will and Holly's help.

  • Potts and the Marshall fly in his spaceship to study the skylons up close.

  • Potts either returns home without rescuing the Marshalls or crashes and dies.

(The book ends with Will and Holly going for a ride on the Professor's spaceship and giving a close-up look at the skylons. And that's it! How did the Professor escape from the Land? Why didn't he take the Marshalls with him? A lame story and, worse, one with no real ending! I like to think the Professor's flying saucer crashed during the skylons investigation and only Will and Holly emerged alive. I've placed the story here in the thought that the time doorway opened by Will in "Hurricane" may still be opening and closing problematically in the sky after the loss of the mountain-top pylon. Perhaps Enik discovered the issue during his continued attempts to open a doorway to his own time and made some final adjustments to close it shortly after this story.)

DAY 120

  • Having received no word from S'latch, the Marshalls assume his failure and decide to risk visiting the Lost City to attempt to open the time-doorway in Enik's chamber.

DAY 121 ("Elsewhen")

  • Marshalls attempt to open time-doorway.
  • Holly meets Rani; from her she get pendants for her family.
  • Holly goes through hole in wall, sees image of the valley above her (implying the closed universe nature of the Land of the Lost).
  • Rick and Will are captured by Sleestak; counseled by Rani, Holly rescues them.
  • Holly gets a scratch on her wrist that's just like Rani's; the presumption becomes that Rani is Holly from the future.

(I've used the spelling R-A-N-I since that is how the woman's name is spelled in the View-Master reels of this episode.)


DAY 122-138

  • Sometime in here, the Marshalls encounter Enik again and he asks them not to further mess with the matrix time-table as it impedes his progress in opening the time-doorway himself. (I came up with this event to explain why the Marshalls are never again seen trying to open the time-doorway in Enik's chamber in any subsequent episodes.)


DAY 139 ("Tar Pit")

  • Cha-ka paints Ta's portrait on a rock.
  • Dopey gets stuck in tar pit; Cha-ka and Marshalls use rope around Emily's neck to pull Dopey out.


DAY 140-149



DAY 150 ("The Zarn")

  • Rick and Will discover Zarn's ship in Mist Marsh; they meet Sharon and Rick is quite taken with her.
  • Sharon stays the night at High Bluff.


DAY 151 ("The Zarn")

  • Will and Holly notice strange things about Sharon, but Rick ignores it.
  • That night, Zarn meets with Sharon; Sharon is revealed to be a robot when she is destroyed.


DAY 152-157 ("Nice Day")

  • Holly poisoned by giant venus-flytrap-like plant.
  • Ta uses "magic" to try to help Holly, but he's a charlatan.
  • Holly recovers.

(I swapped the order of "Nice Day" and "Fair Trade" because it seems as if the Marshalls learn about the Pakuni fear of wild pigs in "Nice Day" and then comment on it later in "Fair Trade". There is also a reference to the Library of Skulls, which the Marshalls do not learn about until the later episode "The Longest Day.")


DAY 153-161



DAY 162 ("One of Our Pylons is Missing")

  • Marshalls go on a survey expedition to make a map of pylon locations; they discover a hole where they predicted there should be a pylon.
  • Rick, Holly and Cha-ka get swallowed by the hole where they find themselves orbiting a large pulsing sphere; Rick gets himself and Holly out.
  • Rick speculates the sphere is the power source for all the pylons.


DAY 163-172



DAY 173 ("The Test")

  • Cha-ka undergoes Pakuni rite-of-manhood ceremony.
  • Will and Holly discover an ancient temple.
  • Junior hatches.


DAY 174



DAY 175 ("The Musician")

  • Marshalls and Cha-ka explore Temple; they find a ring inside.
  • Cha-ka meets the "Builder" and learns how to play music.

(I moved "The Musician" to a position significantly sooner in the chronology because it seems logical to say that the Marshalls would investigate the temple almost immediately after it was found by Will and Holly in "The Test".)


DAY 176-183



DAY 184 ("Gravity Storm")

  • Zarn tests the gravity drive of his ship, causing gravity storms in the Land to which the pylons react badly.
  • Skylons lead Marshalls to Zarn's ship.
  • Rick and Will use emotions against Zarn; Zarn's ship is essentially destroyed.


DAY 185 ("The Longest Day")

  • Crystal in matrix table of a clock pylon burns out causing endless day.
  • Rick captured by Sleestak, taken to Library of Skulls.
  • Rick fixes pylon.


DAY 186-209



DAY 210 ("The Pylon Express")

  • Keyless pylon opens due to conjunction of moons.
  • Holly enters pylon; inside she sees various worlds, including Earth.
  • Holly exits the pylon which closes for the next 3 or 4 years.


DAY 211-236



DAY 237 ("Fair Trade")

  • Sleestak use a makeshift periscope to view the land above their tunnels.
  • Rick falls into Sleestak trap meant for pigs; he is taken to the Egg Cave to become food for the soon-to-hatch Sleestak eggs.
  • Will and Holly catch a pig to exchange for Rick; the Sleestak leader agrees to the exchange.


DAY 238-250



DAY 251 ("Babysitter")

  • Rick and Will go on overnight camp-out to work on map.
  • Ta fights with Cha-ka.
  • Zarn's pull pranks ("experiments") on Ta, Cha-ka and Holly.


DAY 252

  • Rick and Will return to High Bluff.


DAY 253-279



DAY 280 ("Split Personality")

  • Quake strikes; Holly "possessed" by an alternate universe version of herself.
  • Marshalls set free their alternate selves from entrapment in cave wall in the Lost City.
  • Alternate Marshalls presumably returned to Earth.


DAY 281-290



DAY 291 ("Blackout")

  • At night, Sleestak remove a crystal from the matrix table of a second clock pylon causing endless night.


DAY 292 ("Blackout")

  • Enik helps Rick; Rick fixes pylon and removes pylon keys to prevent further tampering.


DAY 293-301



DAY 302 ("Aftershock")

  • Quake strikes causing Rick to fall through time-doorway in pylon, leaving Will and Holly stranded in the Land.
  • Cha-ka separated from Ta and Sa by the quake.
  • Will and Holly discover that their cave at High Bluff is buried.
  • Uncle Jack arrives in the Land.
  • Marshalls and Cha-ka move into old Temple.  (This temple appears to be a different temple than the one seen in "The Test" and "Musician".)


DAY 303-308



DAY 309 ("Survival Kit")

  • Holly falls ill with fever; Jack finds Rick's old survival kit in swamp, uses it to help Holly.
  • At night, Sleestak loot Temple for tribute to Malak.
  • Jack tricks Malak and locks him in his cave with the revolting Sleestak.


DAY 310-333



DAY 334 ("The Orb")

  • A new pylon suddenly appears on an old trail; Will investigates and becomes invisible.
  • Will sets out to rescue Enik and Cha-ka who are held by Sleestak.
  • Will shatters the orb at the bottom of the Hole of No Return.
  • Will's invisibility wears off.


DAY 335-337



DAY 338 ("The Repairman")

  • Sleestak remove a crystal from the sun pylon, causing solar flares.
  • William Blandings appears to help the Marshalls restore the pylon to proper condition.
  • Blandings replaces crystal in the pylon.
  • At 6:00 pm Blandings disappears.


DAY 339-365



DAY 366 ("The Medusa")

  • Marshalls build a canoe; Holly discovers Medusa and her garden.
  • Jack uses Medusa's mirror to turn her to stone.


DAY 367-376



DAY 377 ("Cornered")

  • Torchy terrorizes the Sleestak and injures Will with its poisonous tail.
  • Enik say he'll tell Marshalls how to cure Will if they can get rid of Torchy.
  • Marshalls trap Torchy in Echo Canyon, but he escapes again that night.


DAY 378-406



DAY 407 ("Flying Dutchman")

  • Marshalls discover a schooner in Mist Marsh; they meet Captain Vandimir.
  • Marshalls recover ship's items stolen by Malak.
  • Jack realizes the ship is the legendary Flying Dutchman.
  • The ship flies off.


DAY 408-438



DAY 439 ("Hot-Air Artist")

  • Colonel Post arrives in the Land in a hot-air balloon; Marshalls help him repair the damaged balloon.
  • Sleestak attack and tear up the balloon.


DAY 440 ("Hot-Air Artist")

  • Marshalls and Post repair balloon again.
  • That night, Post tries to fly off with Cha-ka, but the Marshalls rescue Cha-ka.
  • Post escapes, hoping to find a way home.


DAY 441-469



DAY 470 ("Abominable Snowman")

  • Marshalls find a unicorn and make a pet of it; Holly names it Corny.
  • Tapa makes off with Corny.
  • Holly and Cha-ka rescue Corny and trap Tapa on other side of a crevasse.


DAY 471-490



DAY 491 ("Timestop")

  • A quake strikes, opening a previously sealed Temple door.
  • Marshalls find the temporal regulator key; they go in search of temporal regulator pylon.
  • Jack uses key to save Cha-ka from danger; Torchy seals the pylon shut forever.


DAY 492-500



DAY 501 ("Ancient Guardian")

  • Marshalls find Altrusian statue.
  • That night, Kona terrorizes Sleestak until Enik zaps it with an electronic weapon. (In my retroactive past of the Land of the Lost, Enik obtained this electronic weapon from Zarn in my short story, "Doubleback".)


DAY 502 ("Ancient Guardian")

  • Enik and Sleestak retrieve the Guardian statue from the Marshalls and replace it where it was found to keep Kona trapped in a mountain pass.
  • The Guardian fails; Kona returns and eats many Sleestak eggs.
  • That night, Sleestak attack the Marshalls in anger.


DAY 503 ("Ancient Guardian")

  • Marshalls replace the Guardian in proper alignment to repel Kona with heat rays derived from solar power.


DAY 504-514



DAY 515 ("Scarab")

  • Cha-ka bitten by scarab, causing him to run amok.
  • Cha-ka steals the Voice of Wisdom from the Library of Skulls.
  • Enik tells Marshalls that Cha-ka must remove the curse by treating the insect with kindness.
  • Marshalls force Cha-ka to be nice to the scarab; Cha-ka returns to normal and returns the skull.


DAY 516-532



DAY 533 ("Medicine Man")

  • Lone Wolf arrives in the Land, chased by an ill Colonel Diggs.
  • At the Temple, Lone Wolf agrees to give the cure for the illness to Diggs in exchange for Diggs' horse.


DAY 534 ("Medicine Man")

  • Diggs and Lone Wolf ride off together to try to find a way home.