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Your entryway into the Land of the Lost


Land of the Lost Esoterica 

The Little Golden Book Land of the Lost: The Surprise Guests

The Tell-A-Tale Book Land of the Lost: The Dinosaur Adventure

Land of the Lost Give-A Show projector slides.

At last! The LOST Land of the Lost episode! Presented here is Harlan Ellison's partial treatment for an unproduced first season episode (as revealed by David Gerrold in my interview with him). (Super big thanks to Mike Bisbee for passing along this treatment to T. lex and to Harlan Ellison for permission to show it here!)


Fan Fiction

"DOUBLEBACK" by Clayton Barr

Here is my first LOTL fanfic. It's actually several years old though recently retyped and slightly re-edited.  A few years back, some friends and I had plans to start a Land of the Lost apa (amateur press association) to be called "The Pylon".  We never quite got it off the ground, but I did get some material written, including this short story, "Doubleback." This is the first in a series of stories I have planned in a longer arc, as will probably be evident by the foreshadowing of tales to come contained therein. If you haven't recently watched your video-taped copies of the episodes "Circle", "Elsewhen", "Gravity Storm" and "The Longest Day", I suggest they would make good primers (or read the excellent episode guide by Nels P. Olsen here or the much more brief TV Guide style synopses by Fred Ochs here). I tend to be a very continuity-conscious writer and I like my stories to be part of a larger arc while still having a beginning, middle and end of their own (bear in mind one of my favorite shows was Babylon 5). I also have planned stories of the Porter family. I figured I better start out with a Marshalls story, though, since I know I'm almost alone in enjoying the '90s version of LOTL. Later, I'll also be running a serial of my own characters in the Land of the Lost.

Hopefully this gets the ball rolling for submissions from the public (that's you!). 


During it's two seasons on the air, the 1990's version of Land of the Lost was one of the highest rated children's shows on Saturday morning.   The coveted third season that most shows need for successful future syndication was seemingly assured.  I was present for the filming of portions of a couple of the second season episodes in the summer of 1992 and enjoyed chatting with various members of the cast and crew such as Bobby Porter (Stink), Robert Gavin (Kevin), Jennifer Drugan (Annie) and supervising producer Randy Pope.  (Did not get to meet Sid and Marty, unfortunately!)  Randy and Bobby, in particular, seemed to have high hopes for that third season.  Hoping to make the best of my knowledge of the show and "contacts" (for lack of a better term), I wrote a script for the proposed third season and asked for permission to send my script or the treatment with a standard release form for examination on a speculative basis.  In the meantime, things were getting quieter and quieter in the Krofft camp.  I finally learned from a secretary at Krofft Productions that LOTL was not going into a third season; when pressed for details she would only say "it just isn't happening right now."  A few months later, I heard that Disney had bought the rights to make a LOTL movie and it seems likely that while this deal was in progress between Krofft and Disney, Krofft was not allowed to talk about it nor to go ahead with a third season of the show.  (Just speculation on my part as I never heard anything more from Krofft about it.)

Still, I had this script lying around and planned to publish it in the Pylon apa that my friends and I never got off the ground.  So, now I present it to you here in pseudo-script format.  I'd hoped to post it in a "true" TV script format, but the hassles of HTML formatting made it easier to present it in a somewhat modified manner.

I wrote "Crystals Are a Sleestak's Best Friend" with this version of the show and it's particular characterizations in mind and I think I did a pretty good job of capturing that flavor, if I do say so, and if you've watched any of the episodes recently, particularly the stronger second season, I hope you'll agree.   Bear in mind that the 90's LOTL had a different flavor than the original show and it was important for the script to reflect that.  I say this because I know that most of the visitors to this site are fans of the original show and often look a bit disparagingly on the 90's version.  I hope you'll still give my script a read anyway and let me know what you think.  While I admit that the original LOTL was often more challenging story-wise, the 90's LOTL had a lot of fun stuff to offer and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I'm desperate for feedback which can e-mailed to me at the address at the bottom of this page.


"EXODUS" by Marc C.

Marc C. has submitted this clever story chronicling the Marshalls' escape from the Land of the Lost!


Marc C. has updated his original LOTL fanfic.


We now have a fan fiction script from Grant Goggans, author of the LOTL essay you've seen elsewhere on this site.  A story from the middle of the original series' Season 6!  Season SIX?  Be sure to read the author's intro to catch up on all of the details.  And give us and him some feedback so he'll submit more.

(And no, it has no relation to my script of a similar title.  And Grant's was actually written before mine.--CB)

"THE LAST JOURNEY" by Lisa Marie Bell

Fans seem to desire closure for the poor, lost Marshall family!  Here's another take on how the Marshalls might find their way home in this fanfic by Lisa Marie Bell.


"PYLONOSAURUS" by Robert Porter

Fan fiction by Lost List founder, Robert Porter. 


Marc C's prequel, of sorts, to "Exodus".

"REFRAIN" by Denise Tanaka

The truth is out the Land of the Lost. Join Fox Mulder in his hunt for Altrusia in a story by Denise Tanaka.

"OUTSIDE IN" by Jeanne Rudmann

Guess what? The Marshalls return home in Jeanne Rudmann's "Outside In".

"The Secret of Altrusia" by Tony Phillips

Want to unravel the mysteries of the Land of the Lost? Start here! 

 "Long Trek Up a Small Mountain" by  Jeanne Grunert

Ever wonder what happened to Will and Rick as they mapped the Land of the Lost while Holly confronted the Zarn in the episode, "Baby Sitter"? Find out now by reading  Jeanne Grunert's story.

"The Ninth Pylon" by  Jeanne Grunert

The Marshalls discover "The Ninth Pylon."

"Downside Up" by Tony Phillips

Tony Phillips brings closure to Harlan Ellison's unfinished treatment, "Guardians of the Pit."

"Strange Days Indeed!"

The first (wild!) round robin fanfic from The Lost e-mail list...

"One Mystery Solved" by  Jeanne Grunert

T. lex's most frequent contributor,  Jeanne Grunert, brings us another fascinating narrative of the Marshall family and the Land of the Lost...

When Enik asks Rick for help deciphering mysterious writing deep within the Lost City, Holly and Will manage to open a time doorway in Enik's cave and involve another family from long-ago Earth in the Land of the Lost.  Is it a coincidence, or another example of the circular flow of time that seems to haunt the Marshalls?

Here are the three stories from the Land of the Lost fanfic contest 2001!

"So Rumor Has It" by Chris Stavrakis (a.k.a. Chris the Greek!)

"Between the Lines"
by Robert Porter

"Time Portal" by Lisa Marie Bell

"Enik" by Gary Geick

A very short short story by Lost List participant, Gary Geick.

"I'm Lost, Find Me" by Gregson Vaux

Borrowing it's title from the lyrics of the LOTL70 closing song.

"Extraordinary Purposes"

An excellent story of Cha-ka in the Land after the Marshalls have gone, by Robert Porter (with assistance by Marc C.). This story takes place after the events of Marc C.'s "Exodus". 

Time Portal 2 by Lisa Marie Bell

Lisa's sequel to her original entry to Lost List Writing Contest 2001.

The second round-robin story from the Lost List is a few years late but finally available! It seems like the story was forgotten before it was finished and recently Jeanne Grunert, who participated in the original go-round, has finished it up for us. She did a great job. I especially like her descriptive and character touches such as Rick Marshall referring to the nocturnal dinosaurs as "the night shift"...sounds like something he would do!

Without further ado, here is "Crystals For Your Soul?"

In the anti-matter Land of the Lost, Rick Marshall reminisces about his daughter, Holly, now dead 1 year.

The End of the Matter by Clayton Barr