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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: Tag Team Land of the Lost
"Tag Team"
Written by Norman Spinrad
Directed by Dennis Steinmetz
Original airdate: October
5, 1974

The Pakuni learn a lesson in cooperation.

Read the complete story summary by Nels Olsen

Didja Notice?

The opening scene featuring the episode title appears to be a zoom in on the same scene as the opening of "Dopey". The ankylosaurs are larger on the screen and it's obvious that the Postosuchus' legs aren't moving as he walks!

At the beginning of the episode, Will and Holly are carrying bamboo spears as they guide Dopey, harnessed to the shopping cart, through the jungle. Oddly, Rick does not carry such a weapon.

Holly seems to be changing pants between scenes! She alternates between the familiar reddish-brown jeans and a pair of black jeans.

Those giant carrots seem to weigh a ton! Yes, they're humongous carrots, but come on.

When the Marshalls find that their giant carrot has been stolen from the shopping cart while they were harvesting a giant turnip, they all agree to go get another turnip instead to replace it. But when we see them returning to the cart minutes later, they aren't carrying a turnip or any harvest at all!

While grazing among the shrubs, Dopey bites Grumpy's foot! This is what sets off Grumpy to start the tag team match between him and the groups of Pakuni and Marshalls.

There seems to be some pretty intricate detail to the animation in this episode. In the close-up shot of the Grumpy stop-motion model at about 6:35 on the DVD, Grumpy's eye moves in its socket and he even blinks! At 12:44, the Alice stop-motion model appears to have a flexible tongue (unlike in most appearances).

As Ta and Sa are fleeing through the swamp from Grumpy, at 7:39 on the DVD you can see that the camera pans slightly past the edge of the blue screen at right and bottom as the two costumed actors run by.
Ta and Sa and bluescreen

On the other side of the gorge behind Big Alice, in the distance, are some low-lying hills and fog. Is that Mist Marsh as seen in the episodes "The Zarn", "Gravity Storm" and "The Flying Dutchman"?

While trapped on the ledge in the chasm with Will and Cha-ka, Holly again shows her acrophobia and even specifically says she is afraid of heights.

At 14:50 on the DVD, Rick refers to Ta and Sa as "you two guys". Is Rick just using "guys" as a generic, non-gender-specific term? Or is it meant to imply that the two Pakuni are male, despite Sa being portrayed by a female actor, Sharon Baird?

Pakuni translations
Time on DVD Pakuni English
5:13  Ta says "Yeni fa wu. Fusachi. Meni da ku. Meni da ku fusachi." "Take what you see. Quickly. We go now. We go now quickly."
5:22 Ta says "Fusachi, fusachi!" "Quickly, quickly!"
5:51 Ta says "Nichi! Nichichi! Nichi!" "Nasty! Very nasty! Nasty!" (Not sure exactly what he means by that in the context of the scene. I prefer not to think about it...)
6:03 Ta says "Erokani imposani!" "Freaks (imposani)!" Nothing similar to "imposani" appears in any known glossary.
6:11 Ta says "Erokani imposani! Yeni ku! Yeni ku!" "Freaks (imposani)! You go! You go!"
6:21 Ta says "Erokani. Yeni ku! Yeni ku!" "Freaks. You go! You go!"
8:53 Sa says "Yeni de, yeni de." "You do, you do."
8:55 Ta says "Agamba ge erokani." "Tyrannosaur chase freaks."
9:09 Cha-ka says "Agamba doma! Agamba doma!" "Ugly tyrannosaur!"
9:11 Sa says "Ye ba! Ye ba, Cha-ka!" "You come (back)! You come (back), Cha-ka!"
9:17 Cha-ka keeps shouting "agamba" and "agamba doma" "tyrannosaur" and "ugly tyrannosaur"
9:35 Cha-ka says "Fusachi!" "Quickly!"
10:29 Ta says "Meni a bu ku wachi. Meni ra abuni. Agamba fusachi. Agamba fusachi." "We can go now. We help children. Tyrannosaur fast! Tyrannosaur fast!"
11:52 Ta says "Aboba! Aboba!" "Allosaur! Allosaur!"
13:48 Ta says "Agamba! Agamba!" "Tyrannosaur! Tyrannosaur!"
13:54 Ta says "Mego agida." (Or something like that.) These words are not in any known glossary.
14:17 Sa says "Sa opari?" "What reason?"
14:18 Ta says "Kiri. Meni don wa wani roca." "Kiri", "don" and "roca" are not in any known glossary. Meni=we, wa=he, wani=them. From the context, I would guess the statement says something like "He wants us to help them."
14:46 Ta says "De?" "Do?"
15:14 ta says "No impu." No=no, "impu" is unknown.
15:47 Ta says "Fusachi, ye ba me. Fushachi!" "Quickly, you come with me. Quickly!"
15:53 and 17:15 Ta and Sa shouting "agamba" and "agamba doma" "tyrannosaur" and "ugly tyrannosaur ugly!"
17:24 Cha-ka says something unintelligible.  
18:39 Ta says "Buchi meni. Ho ku meni." "Our child"! Go with us!" "Buchi" is not in any known glossary but similar words mean "childish" and "childishly". "Ho" is also unknown.
18:43 Cha-ka says "Yumani farend." "Humans (are) friends."
19:40 Ta says "Harapa me. Harapa me!" "Harapa" is not in any known glossary. Me=me. From the context the statement would seem to mean "belongs to me".
21:34 Ta says "yeni ching" you pull
22:11 Ta says "amura" friend

Memorable Dialog

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