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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: Dopey Land of the Lost
TV episode
Written by Margaret Armen
Directed by Dennis Steinmetz
Original airdate: September
21, 1974

Holly tries to adopt a baby brontosaurus.

Read the complete story summary by Nels Olsen

Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode

Will Marshall
Holly Marshall

Didja Notice?

Right at the very opening of the episode (after the theme song, 1:11 on the DVD), at least 3 ankylosaurs are visible in the swamp.


Also visible in the bottom left corner of the screen is what appears to be a Postosuchus crawling from the water.


Will and Holly arrive at the strawberry patch to bring some of the giant strawberries, ranging from the size of softballs to basketballs, back to the cave. Holly remarks, "Boy, they sure are big! We'll only need a couple!" Yet, as they head home, we see they have loaded the whole "shopping cart" with dozens of them! The family couldn't possible eat them all before they turned rotten. What a waste!

When Will and Holly are talking while pulling the shopping cart, Will mentions that their father thinks the Land is a place where things from all of time and space have landed. Holly asks if they will find their lost toys here, she lost a doll once. The radio show and subsequent illustrated children's book of the 1940's, Land of the Lost, is about a boy and girl who travel to a land (under the sea) where all lost things eventually arrive. The girl in the story finds her lost doll there. (See the Wikipedia entry.) There was also a comic book series.

Land of the Lost Comics #5

When Holly hears Dopey crying in the middle of the night, she takes her sleeping bag outside and sleeps at the base of the bluff to keep Dopey company. Not too smart in a land where Grumpy and other carnivorous dinosaurs are about.

Holly mentions that they used to have strawberries in their backyard at home. In "Downstream", Rick mentions that they lived in California.

Memorable Dialog

Pteranodons don't eat berries.wav
It really is a land of the lost.wav
Lost toys.wav
Baby brontosaurus.wav
Dinosaur stew.wav
It's Dopey.wav
Keep him.wav
Not supposed to eat it.wav
Please, Grumpy.wav
Grumpy can't be trusted.wav

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