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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: The Sleestak God Land of the Lost
"The Sleestak God"
TV episode
Written by David Gerrold
Directed by Dennis Steinmetz
Original airdate: September
14, 1974

The Marshalls discover the ruins of a lost city and encounter dangerous lizard-men known as Sleestak.

Read the complete story summary by Nels Olsen

Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode

Rick Marshall
Will Marshall
Holly Marshall
Big Alice
The god of the pit
Pakuni (footprints only; presumably those of Ta and Sa)

Didja Notice?

The water jugs carried by Will and Holly throughout the episode change from clear to white whenever the actors are standing against a bluescreened background. The production must have deliberately swapped jugs for these scenes to prevent bleedthrough of the bluescreen image through the jugs.

Holly seems to be afraid of not only the thing in the pit, but the distance of the fall to the bottom of it (despite the bottom being obscured by a layer of mist). It makes a nice foreshadowing of her acrophobia as revealed later, in the episode "Elsewhen".

The pit is referred to as the Hole of No Return by S'latch in the later episode "The Hole".

When the torch is knocked out of Rick's hand and falls into the pit of the Sleestak god, the entire cavern lights up and the god begins bellowing loudly. Is there some kind of gas in the pit that was ignited by the fire?

Pakuni translations
Time on DVD Pakuni English
4:25  Cha-ka says "Humani. Wirra, Horry." "Humans. Will, Holly."
6:24 Cha-ka says "Humani wocasani." "Humans (are) strange."
7:45 Cha-ka says "Amenda." "Amenda" is not in any known glossary, but from the context it would seem to mean either "triceratops" in general or "Spike" in particular.
9:17 Cha-ka says "Osu." "Water."
11:10 Cha-ka says, "Sarisataka!" and "Yo, sarisataka!" "Sleestak" and "Yes, Sleestak!" (Notice that "sarisataka" is not really a Pakuni's a Paku's attempt to pronounce the word "Sleestak" since Pakuni do not use an "L" sound in their language! Makes you wonder who taught them the word in the first place since they certainly couldn't read it off the rock!)
12:04 Cha-ka says "Wirra, Horry. Sarisataka. Wirra Marashara." "Will, Holly. Sleestak. Will Marshall." Given the context, I think Cha-ka was meant to say "Ricka Marsashara" to indicate he was going to warn Rick Marshall that his kids were in danger; possibly Phillip Paley just misspoke his line.
13:31 Cha-ka says "Wirra! Wirra, Horry! Yo. Sarisataka. Yo, Sarisataka! Bisa. Bisasa. Tusa. Tusasa. Doma, gosa, nichi." "Will! Will, Holly! Yes. Sleestak. Yes, Sleestak! Big. Very big. Tall. Very tall. Ugly, fierce, nasty."
15:12 Cha-ka says "Sarisataka", "Yo, Sarisataka" and "Wirra. Horry." "Sleestak", "Yes, Sleestak." and "Will. Holly"
17:20 Cha-ka says "Osu." "Water."
17:43 Cha-ka says "Sarisataka." "Sleestak."
17:50 Cha-ka says "Ota! Meni dena ota!" and "Ota! "Ye nu ota!" "Fire! We (need) fire!" and "Fire! You (make) fire!" I am guessing on the meanings of "Dena" and "nu"; they are not in any known glossary.
18:53 Cha-ka says "Sarisataka!" "Sleestak!"
22:08 Cha-ka says "Me ku wachi." "I go now."

Memorable Dialog

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Speak up.wav
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