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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: The Hole Land of the Lost
"The Hole"
Written by Wina Sturgeon
Directed by Dennis Steinmetz
Original airdate: November
2, 1974

The Marshalls meet a Sleestak who was born with the knowledge of the Altrusians.

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Didja Know?

The voice of S'latch was provided by veteran voice actor Ralph James (1924-1992).

Didja Notice?

   Holly reminisces that, back on Earth, she has a horse named Comanche. As revealed in the commentary for this episode, that was the name of Kathy Coleman's real horse at the time.
   She goes on to remark that she hopes someone is feeding Comanche. Well, didn't the family already arrange for the horse to be cared for while they were away on their camping expedition? Once the family was reported missing and remained so for some time, the horse would probably go to other relatives or be sold.

As Rick and Will enter the tunnels of the Lost City to try to make use of the time-doorway, Rick says he wants to check the cave of the pit to see if there are any Sleestak around first so they won't get trapped in Enik's cave again. They had a close encounter with the god of the pit in "The Sleestak God" and were assaulted by Sleestak in Enik's cave in "The Stranger".

When Rick is thrown into the pit, you can see that his leg bounces up again through the mist. The same is true when a Sleestak falls in later. Obviously there was a mattress hidden in the mist to break the actors' falls.

The Sleestak god reminds me of a demonic elder god from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu mythos.

S'latch, born with the knowledge of the Altrusian race, says they "know many things" and that many humans have come to the Land; as to their fate, some disappear, some die.

S'latch says the pit is called the Hole of No Return.

At 7:21 on the DVD, Will dives inside a giant eggshell to hide from Big Alice. What kind of dinosaur/creature had hatched from it?

The Sleestak name for Big Alice is S'lima, meaning "protector". They consider her the guardian of their eggs.

S'latch tells Rick that any Sleestak that has crossed the "tear in the earth" (presumably the crevasse) have never returned. Why would that be? The Land is dangerous, but not instantaneously so. And why only on the other side of the crevasse?

Part of the scene of Holly throwing the stick for Dopey is recycled from "Dopey"; Holly looks up at the cave and smiles even though she is alone at High Bluff this morning.

At 13:17 on the DVD, Holly frightens Grumpy off with the explosive combination of red and yellow crystals as seen in "The Search".

At 18:57 on the DVD, it appears that Spencer Milligan says something that has been dubbed over with background sound effects. It's right before he says "We're at at the bottom of the pit!"

Running blindly from the Sleestak through the tunnels, the Marshalls find themselves emerging into the pit and facing the god. The crossbow bolts Rick and S'latch pounded into the wall to climb out earlier are still there, so they start to climb up, but Will falls, unharmed. Then S'latch drops a rope down to them from above and each Marshall climbs up it one at a time. But, why didn't they just climb the bolt ladder again? It seems like that would be an easier climb than struggling up a rope!

S'latch steps outside of the Lost City in broad daylight! Is there some reason his eyes are not sensitive to light like the other Sleestak?

S'latch says that he was born with the knowledge of the universe but for some reason the operation of the pylons and the matrix are not part of that knowledge. Why would that be?

Rick and S'latch seem to think they will meet again, but we never see or hear of him in any later episode. What happened to him?

Notes from the audio commentary by Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman

Comanche was the name of Kathy Coleman's real horse.

Wesley Eure reveals that he still has the backpacks and 2 maps used as props on the show.

Memorable Dialog

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