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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
"Wild Thing"
Written by Janis Diamond
Directed by John Strysik
Original airdate:
October 12, 1991

Tom decrees that Tasha must be returned to the wild.

Didja Notice?

In the teaser of this episode, Annie refers to Spike the Stegosaurus as Stego instead.

Shung mentions the events of "Shung the Terrible", remonstrating Nim and Keeg for losing the Porters' "chariot" (the Jeep).

Tasha's snoring and grunting during sleep causes Tom to order that she sleep outdoors from now on. Sleeping on the deck of the tree-house, her snores are still audible inside and the Porters yell at her until Annie finally decides to keep her company outside. Tom doesn't seem to have any problem with this. Allowing a pet to sleep outside is one thing, but wouldn't it be a bit dangerous for his daughter to be out there with predators like Scarface running around?

When Tasha gets into Annie's make-up, Kevin jokes, "Tasha, you look mah-velous!" This is a reference to Billy Crystal's portrayals of Fernando Lamas on Saturday Night Live.

At 8:46 in the episode, Tasha gets tangled up in the clothes line and falls to the ground. As she does, a male voice goes "oof!" Was it actor Ed Gale making the sound inside the costume? Listen: oof

Memorable Dialog

stupid fly-lickers.wav
incredible dream.wav
Tasha looks hotter than Annie.wav
you look mah-velous.wav
when Tasha won't eat.wav
like horns on a toad.wav
I rule this land.wav
a real shower.wav
how do you make a handkerchief dance.wav

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