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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: Mind Games "Mind Games"
Written by Michelle Rifkin
Directed by Earnest Farino
Original airdate: November
2, 1991

Shung takes control of Christa’s mind.

Didja Notice?

After they have briefly captured Stink, Nim and Keeg refer to him as Longhair's monkey. Obviously, Stink is not a monkey, but there must be some in the Land if the Sleestak know the term.

At 4:11 in the episode, when Tom sniffs an old sock, Tasha makes a "peew" sound.

With her father's permission, Annie decides to stay with Christa in her cave for a couple days, to get away from the drudgery of living with the guys at the tree-house. Apparently to make it a real "girls only" time, Tasha accompanies her while Stink is seen staying with the Porter men at the tree-house.

Christa teaches Annie to track animals and hunt with a bow-and-arrow. Christa has a homemade bow and Annie is seen with a kid-size homemade one. Did Christa quickly make it for her in an off-camera moment? Or does it belong to the diminutive Stink (though we never see Stink use one throughout the series)?

Nim and Keeg are so happy at having found Christa's medallion that Keeg dances a jig in front of the Sleestaks' lair.

Throughout the scene of Shung exerting mental control over Christa with the crystal dagger, there are somehow thunder rolls and lightning flashes inside the Sleestak lair!

At 11:39 in the episode, Tasha does a double-take as she sees Christa aiming her arrow at Annie.

While playing their little joke on the girls, Kevin and Stink are playing the music of "I Feel Good" by James Brown on the Porter's boom box.

I'd never noticed it before, but Shung refers to his lair as a temple. Since it does have elements of Sleestak construction, does his reference to it as a temple mean that was the cave's original purpose when the Sleestak civilization was still above ground?

Earlier in the episode, it appears that Christa is just beginning to give Annie archery lessons when she becomes mind-controlled by Shung. Yet at 18:31, Annie is such a proficient shot with her bow that she is able to shoot an arrow through one of the holes in the design of Christa's peace medallion, ripping it out of Shung's hand!

When Christa knocks the crystal dagger from Shung's hand and sends it flying, it seems to cause a sudden minor caving-in of parts of the temple's ceiling.

Pakuni translations
Time in episode Pakuni English
0:48 Christa says, "Pokanaw, pokanaw!" "Hurry, hurry!"
13:31 Christa says, "sabimi" magic
15:05 Stink says, "Christa, noo ku!" "Christa, don't go!"
15:47 Stink says, "Christa ku. Christa ku." "Christa go. Christa go."
16:05 Stink says, "Sleestaks! Malu, malu!" "Sleestaks! Evil, evil!"
19:01 Stink says, "Christa! Pusa! Pusa!" "Christa! Come on! Come on!"

Memorable Dialog

I apologize for the low sound quality of some of the dialog bites this time around. My copy of this episode has some flaws. I sure wish the Kroffts would get around to releasing this series on DVD.

a tick under my skin.wav
driving me bananas.wav
I am your master now.wav
not funny.wav
I own you.wav
Stink, you're a genius.wav
toad-sucking wart-mongers.wav
mess with Tom Porter.wav
what did you do today.wav
did you say Sleestaks.wav
Dad, are you all right.wav

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