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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)

"Stone Soup"

01:16 Rick is building what looks like a bamboo frame for drying leather with a large piece of leather strung up between it.

01:42 Holly notes that she and Will argue two or three times per day. This time it is about whose turn it is to get food.

01:43 Over the metal camping grill is a large red bowl of pottery with a long wooden spoon in it. This is placed over the rock-lined fire pit in the cave.

03:26 Rick has a leather bag that he keeps salt in.

03:43 There is apparently an area where Will and Holly can collect salt from the ground. They use it to fill the bag.

04:12 The blue skies are filled with red clouds and yellow lightning. Holly notes that she `Hates when it acts like it's going to rain and then doesn't.' She suspects there might be something wrong with one of the weather pylons.

05:11 Will mentions that since the drought the dinosaurs have had a hard time finding water. Rick says that the Paku have it even worse because the dinosaurs have just about stripped their territory clean of food so the Pakuni have to travel a lot further to find their food – or go hungry.

06:17 To increase the nourishment of Ricks Stone Soup Holly adds some carrots and turnips. These are large, but not the giant varieties we have seen.

06:21 Will knows where they can also get onions and potatoes. They are seen but are also large and not giant-sized.

06:59 A Brontosaurus (Emily) charges Will and Holly. They retreat into a pylon.

07:33 The brontosaurus tilts the pylon and almost knocks it over.

07:52 Holly notices that the pylon they have retreated into is dark, which she considers strange.

08:40 Will has found an iguana to eat, but Rick says he's not that hungry.

09:19 Holly wears what looks like a large `mageti-shaped' amber pendant on a cord around her neck.

09:24 Rick ladles the improved stone soup with a metal spoon with a dark wooden handle into a white ceramic bowl.

09:27 A crescent moon appears over High Bluff.

09:42 Ta and Sa are moving through the forest at night apparently using glowing red and blue crystals for light.

10:04 Sunrise over High Bluff.

10:17 Rick wants to see the open pylon Will and Holly retreated into. Apparently it's a new pylon.

10:29 Rick declares that this pylon is `dead'. The crystals have been removed from the matrix. Since the pylons control the weather, without the crystals the pylons can't work. Which might explain why they are having this drought.

11:05 Holly notes that it can't rain without the pylons help.

11:32 Rick forces Holly to give up her necklace.

11:59 Rick notes that the Pakuni are territorial by nature and the Marshals are intruders on their territory. So far they have kept the `truce' but things are getting tougher.

12:27 The Marshals go to the Pakuni enclosure. This is a large bamboo wall with a thatch hut. Holly is carrying the long dark brown woven basket full of vegetables. As they approach they can hear the buzzing of the crystals.

12:39 Through the bamboo walls they can see the pile of red, blue and green glowing crystals. Rick thinks these are the crystals missing from the pylon. He notes that with a pile of crystals like that there is no telling what might happen. If they add a yellow crystal to the pile it might be enough to blow them all to kingdom come.

12:51 They also see a separate pile of yellow crystals.

13:04 Holly wonders if the Pakuni enclosure has a door. Rick says it's just around the corner.

13:26 Around the corner Ta and Sa are guarding the door – a hole cut into the 6' tall wall. They are brandishing sticks with sharpened points.

14:01 Rick notes that Ta does not trust the Marshalls.

14:50 To make Stone Soup for the Pakuni Rick builds a tripod of wooden sticks over the rock-lined fire pit in the Pakuni compound. Ropes support a large red pottery bowl over the fire.

14:56 Rick gives Chaka soup from a large bamboo spoon.

15:13 Chaka retrieves salt from a gourd bowl he retrieves from the top of a tree-trunk.

16:08 Ta wants to add an Iguana to the soup.

16:33 Ta wants to add a foot long cactus with pink flowers to the soup. Rick points out that the needles on the cactus will sting. Ta tries to add the flowers to the soup, but Holly stops him. Ta eats the flower anyway.

17:28 Rick tries to trade crystals for soup, but Rick thinks that Ta thinks that the crystals are magic.

18:55 Rick takes the yellow crystals back the pylon and places them in the matrix pedestal in the pylon.

19:04 This seems to affect the sky by causing green and yellow flashes in the lightning along with red, blue and green lightning in addition to the yellow lightning. It also seems to produce rain however.

19:34 Rick turns the protrusion on the pylon and closes the door to prevent the Pakuni from stealing the crystals again.

20:01 Holly sorts food with three wooden/gourd bows and a long gourd with the middle cut out that holds fruit. This is on the bamboo table with the large broad-leafed placemat.

20:19 Holly can tell that Dopey is nearby by the sound of his cries. Dopey chases Chaka. Chaka seems to be frightened by Dopey.

21:40 Holly uses a hairbrush on Chaka. She also has a pink plastic folding mirror.

22:25 Chaka apparently doesn't like the taste of soup without a stone in it.