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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)

"Follow That Dinosaur"

01:20 The cave in High Bluff has a curtain made of some kind of cloth covered with leaves.
There are also three steps which seem to lead a back cave. Will refers to this as their curtain. Holly says that she uses it to keep the flies out.

02:30 Holly calls the plants that their curtains were made with `Dinosaur Nip'. Holly saw Spike (the Triceratops) playing with it.

02:50 Rick speculates that this may be why Grumpy is so attentive to High Bluff, because there is so much Dinosaur Nip around there.

03:28 Will and Holly are clearing out a large area of Dinosaur Nip. Will mentions that he was going to go fishing.

03:56 Holly notices that the Dinosaur Nip smells when you get a lot together.

04:02 Rick says he's going to take care of the Dinosaur Nip patch that is south of the cave.

04:32 Will and Holly use bamboo poles with bundles of Dinosaur Nip hanging off ropes at the ends to carry the bundles.

05:28 Will and Holly approach the crevasse from the right side of the screen.

05:59 Will and Holly rest on large rocks near the crevasse.

06:03 Holly refers to Dinosaur Nip as ferns.

06:41 Near the rocks where Will is resting he notices the leg of a man sticking out from underneath the rocks. It is actually a dummy wearing knickers and a revolutionary war coat. The dummy is stuffed with Dinosaur Nip.

08:25 In the dummy's pockets they find a hand-written journal. Rick reads from the journal: "I finally managed to teach the little furry monkey-people a few words of the Christian language. I call them terrible lizard creatures the Sleestaks, after Major Joshua Sleestak." Will speculates that he is the one who wrote the warning about the Sleestak on the pillar outside the Lost City.

09:14 The journal confirms the nature of the Dinosaur Nip. "Harry Potts has been gone for days now." The journal names the other person in the party.

09:48 The journal states that its author will be across the crevasse and into the cave where the pillars end. Which Will states is the Lost City. The journal is apparently a warning to any who come after the journal writer.

10:35 Will proposes that they find the rest of the journal in the Lost City, reminding Holly that it is almost the end of the Sleestak's dormant season.

10:50 They cross the rock bridge over the crevasse from left to right to go towards the Lost City.

11:28 Grumpy manages to cross the rock bridge over the crevasse. Holly notes that Big Alice (the Allosaur) isn't going to like that. This corresponds to knowing that Big Alice lives around the Lost City.

11:50 Will wonders where the diary said that they went. Holly points out that there are three entrances to the Lost City. Rick says that the Main Entrance in the center of the Lost City leads to Enik's place and the Sleestak Pit. The entrance they are at is the entrance with the fallen pillars. Rick thinks the diary must have meant the one of the far side. "The cave where the pillars end".

12:19 The Marshalls hide behind the pillars near the second entrance to the Lost City.

12:53 Holly has never seen Big Alice so made before. Rick notes that it is because they are very territorial and Grumpy has invaded their turf.

13:37 As the ground shakes from Grumpy and Alice battling, the dust starts to fall around the pillars the Marshalls are hiding behind and they make a run for the Lost City entrance.

13:51 Rick wonders if this is the cave the diary talked about when Holly sees a second "Beware of Sleestak" written on the cave wall. Will notices that it's just like the one on the pillar out in the jungle.

14:05 The Marshals go deeper through the tunnels. These tunnels have artificial hexagon-shaped bracing that we have seen before, with torch holders.

14:21 Holly wonders if they will meet any Sleestak, but Rick and Will note that since the air is cold the Sleestak should stay dormant.

14:52 The Marshalls find a cave that has a blanket, some gourds and stacks of rock that Rick calls a Cairn. Rick says it is meant to be landmark and a sign to look there because there is probably something underneath. Holly notes that it is cold, but after a look from Rick and Will says that she is not complaining.

15:44 Under the Cairn they find the rest of the journal and a map. "I've finally found Harry Potts trail. He come here but he not come out. I can feel it in me bones. There's a hole down there among them dead lizards. That hole leads straight back to New England. Harry Potts went in that hole and he went home. Take heart stranger, I leave you this map. I go to follow my best chum, Harry Potts." Rick checks the map to see if he can follow his trail. He sees a tunnel and they all go through it.

16:56 They find a web-covered cave with three dormant Sleestaks standing next to the walls.

17:38 They continue through the caves to find more dormant Sleestaks standing next to the walls.

18:04 They come into a cave that has large glowing crystals (around 10) embedded in the walls. The diary says to look for an arrow. On the floor of the cave is an arrow made of crystals (around 11, 2 green, blue, green, blue green making up the shaft and four red crystals making the point).

18:13 The arrow points to a knee-high hole in the wall. The Marshalls climb through the hole.

18:37 The tunnel remains only high enough for them to crawl on their hands and knees.

18:53 It comes out into a Lava Pit. There they find two skeletons with a tri-corn hat and the rest of the diary. Rick notices that the lava is beginning to rise. Rick speculates that this rising lava is what brings the Sleestak out of their dormant season.

20:11 The Marshals make a run to escape just as the Sleestak are waking up and leaving their alcoves to chase the Marshalls.

20:51 Grumpy and Alice, still fighting knock down a pillar outside the lost city.

20:55 Rick and Will bring crystals out of their pockets and throw them together at the battling dinosaurs. They appear to be red and yellow. They make an explosion big enough to break up the dinosaur battle.

21:31 Back at High Bluff Rick is stirring a large silver metal camping cook pot with what appears to be a bamboo stick with half a gourd on the end as a ladle. The pot is resting on the rock fire pit.

21:37 Rick reads the last half of the journal. "Dear poor unfortunate stranger. If ye be reading this by now, ye know this is not the way out of this miserable, god-forsaken land. Go back. Leave these crawly caves. The Sleestak awaken when the devil's cauldron bubbles up. I've stayed too long. They are awaiting for me to come out. Wherever me chum, Harry Potts is, in heaven or hell, I'm hoping that he'll put in a good word for me when I get there. At least, I'll be out of here. Peter Koenig. Private in General Washington's Revolutionary Army."