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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)


01:28 The Marshals are in the Lost City. Will knows the tunnels well enough by now to know where the Sleestak Pit is. Will points out that he can't hear the Thing that lives down in the pit. Holly thinks that maybe they have already fed it. Rick says that the Sleestak are not here because they may be hunting. They are headed to Enik's cave.

02:12 They are in Enik's cave and Rick believes that he has figured out how the Time Doorway works. "I'm not positive but I think I know how the Time Doorway works now. It's just a matter of finding the right combination of colors as they come up in sequence. And the correct sequence will produce a Time Doorway that'll get us home.".

02:29 Rick tries to use the crystal pedestal in Enik's cave. Rick manages to produce a Time Doorway that also lights up the large crystals on the wall.

02:48 Rick throws a rock from the floor through the Time Doorway before he allows Will to go through the doorway.

02:59 Will notes that when he was with Enik and he was trying to get home, they could see where the doorway lead through the mist. This doorway just seems to go out into space somewhere. Rick tires another combination. Holly notes that this could go on forever.

03:25 Rick tries another combination that doesn't seem to work. He tries another combination that doesn't do anything.

03:40 Holly touches a large yellow crystal embedded in the wall of Enik's cave without ill effect. She then wanders outside the Lost City entrance and is confronted by Big Alice (Allosaur).

04:30 When Holly comes back into the cave she finds another cave (presumably unknown to them). This is a large cavern with a yellow glowing crystal imbedded into the wall as well as the "Symbol for the Pylons" which appears to be the same kind of knob that is on the pylon doors. Except that it is glowing blue. Will notes that this is strange because there is no pylon here. It is at the top of what appears to be a large rock-carved staircase.

05:50 Rick notes that they have descended about 50 meters before the steps end. At the bottom is "another one of those triangle things that opens the pylons". They feel a draft coming from a chin-high hole in the wall. Will throws a rock through the hole to see how far it goes, but they do not hear the rock hit bottom.

07:10 Will anchors their yellow nylon rope to a stalactite taller than he is.

07:30 Holly wanders back into Enik's room where she meets a tall beautiful blonde named Rani. Rani is wearing a long sleeveless, low-cut pale green dress and a pendant similar to the one she gives Holly. She wears low-heeled shoes and pink pendant to hold her long hair.. Rani tells Holly that her brother and father will trust her eventually, but Holly will have to be patient. Rani says that she's come through the Time Doorway. When Holly asks her how it works, Rani says "It seems to be gone again. They come and go so quickly." When Holly presses her she also says that she "Can't explain the unexplainable. ". Rani says that the Marshalls are very much like her own family and that she was the youngest one as well. She has a scar on her wrist that Holly asks her about. Rani says that she got it helping her brother. Rani encourages her to go back to help Will and Rick deal with the unknown, "which can be especially dangerous here.". Rani gives Holly three necklaces with pendants for Will and her father. "They will help you communicate over long distances". Holly asks if they are magical and Rani says "No, not quite. See the blue stone picks up emotional and physical vibrations and transmits them. See if you wear it around your neck, it picks up your heartbeat and causes a pulsing signal. And that signal will be received by the other pendant."

09:43 Rani asks Holly to thank her by doing two things; "You must be very careful about meeting the Sleestak in the lower caves." "And Holly, you must get over your fear of heights." Rani tells here that whatever happens, she should look at the Earth whenever she is afraid of heights. Rani gives Holly a kiss on the cheek has Holly is leaving. Holly turns back to ask Rani about the Doorway, but Rani has disappeared.

10:51 When Holly gets back Will tells here that the hole is two narrow on the other side. Holly's the only one small enough to get through the hole. Holly volunteers to go. Will knows about Holly being afraid of heights. Holly gives Will and Rick the pendants.

11:37 Rick tells Will to use a bowline on the rope that they are going to lower Holly into the hole with. Holly says that she had better take a couple of jewels (crystals) with her so that she can signal them.

11:59 Rick gives Holly a Red and a Green crystal. Rick tells Holly that if anything odd starts to happen, Holly should give them a long flash and a short flash and they will pull her up right away. But if everything is okay, Holly should give them three quick flashes.

12:46 Holly gives three flashes to show that everything is okay.

13:02 Three Sleestaks attack Rick and Will while they are lowing the rope. Holly starts falling as they let go but is brought to a stop when the rope tightens on the stalactite but she is not at the bottom of the hole. This causes here to drop the crystals so she can no longer signal.

13:52 When Holly holds the crystal, she hears a noise and recognizes it as Will and Rick.

14:18 Rick and Will are tied up and brought to the Sleestak Pit.

14:34 Holly decides to try climbing the rope overhand to get back to Will and Rick.

14:48 Will at the Sleestak Pit wonders what the Sleestak are waiting for. Rick thinks it's like a ritual, where they are waiting for just the right moment.

15:00 As Holly is climbing the rope she sees a vision of what appears to be herself upside down climbing towards the ground. She remembers Rani's advice and looks at the earth – which in this case is `up'.

15:56 Holly manages to climb out of the hole. She hears some beeping from the pendant that tells her that Rick and Will are in trouble.

16:16 Holly runs back to Enik's room, yelling for Rani. Rani comes around a corner and says that she knows Rick and Will are in trouble. "The Sleestak are celebrating the feeding of their God. They found your dad and Will in the lower cave and captured them in to sacrifice to their `God' in the pit." Rani tells Holly that they need her and that Holly and only Holly has to do it. "If you don't find a way to help them, they will die."

17:13 Holly picks up some more nylon rope lying on the floor of Enik's cave. When she turns around, Rani is gone.

17:27 Rick thinks that he may be able to distract the God in the Pit when they hit, and then maybe Will can get away. But Will thinks they will have a better chance to fight it if they stay together.

18:01 Holly comes into the cave and throws crystals at the Sleestak. The crystals explode but the force of the explosion throws Will and Rick into the Pit.

18:37 At the bottom of the pit, Will and Rick are surrounded by fog. Rick is conscious and unties himself and cuts Will's bonds. Holly climbs down into the pit on the nylon rope. She tells Rick that they can rig a sling for the unconscious Will but she's not strong enough to pull Will up so Rick will have to climb out first. Will wakes up but seems to have sprained his foot. Rick pulls Will up as the Sleestak God is coming towards her. Since Rick can't pull them up together, Holly waits until Will is pulled out of the pit.

19:58 Holly runs towards the Sleestak God yelling that she is not afraid. She backs up and examines a deep scare on her wrist similar to Rani's. She quickly gets hauled out of the pit.

20:51 The Sleestaks are starting to revive from their shock at the explosion.

21:15 Holly tells Rick that her scar is just a `scratch' and then runs back to Enik's Cave. Holly tells Rani that she knows who she is now, because Rani knew her `secret name' and how she felt and what would happen to her. "You're `me' later when I grow up". Rani says she came though a time doorway to help her. Holly asks if this means that they will get out of there. Rani's says that they *can* but you'll have to find the doorway and the answer to it by yourself. Rani says she has to leave now. She tells Holly that she has to cherish her father and brother because they won't always be there. "Give them all your love and understanding while they are." Holly says she has to know whether or not there is a future for anyone of us. But when Holly turns around Rani is gone.