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-Land of the Lost-

The Surprise Guests

In 1975, as Land of the Lost mania was sweeping the nation, Western Publishing Company produced, in their children's line of Little Golden Books, Land of the Lost: The Surprise Guests.  Written by Kennon Graham and illustrated by Fred Irvin, the book quickly shot to the top of the best seller charts--not only among children's books but among adult fiction as well. The multi-million dollar movie it spawned went on to surpass Jaws in box office grosses and remained the #1 grossing movie of all time until knocked out by Star Wars in 1977. The film still resides in the top ten today. Sadly, the film was never released on video due to a dispute between Krofft Productions and RKO Radio over the ownership of the "Land of the Lost" name. In the late '80s all copies of the film were destroyed in a fire under mysterious circumstances at the Krofft Film Vault near Fort Bragg, Texas. T. lex is proud to announce that we have uncovered a smoke-damaged, but still viewable copy of the film and here present it for your viewing pleasure. You must have Apsoft's QuickPlayer 3.14 to view it. You can download it here. The download takes 2-4 days, depending on the speed of your system.

And in case you only just stepped out of a time doorway, I made all that up. I was bored. Guess I could have spent my time writing some fanfic instead though.

The book, however, does exist.  And since it's been out of print since that time, I'm hoping I won't get into trouble by reproducing it here, as JPEG images, for those who've not had the privilege of reading this fine tome.

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