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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: Misery Loves Company "Misery Loves Company"
Written by Jules Dennis
Directed by Frank DePalma
Original airdate: December
5, 1992

Kevin learns a lesson in parenting when Tasha goes through the terrible twos and Stink fakes an injury for sympathy.

Didja Notice?

Kevin reveals that his favorite music cassette is Bullets and Butterflies. This is probably a play on the name of the hard rock band Guns 'n' Roses.

Annie states that Tasha is going through the terrible twos. This would indicate that the Porters have been in the Land for over two years.

To get Stink's help in fixing the tree-house roof, Kevin winds up bargaining to give him 10 candy bars from his secret stash. It's surprising that Kevin still has any candy bars left at all after two years, let alone 10+ to bargain away. How many did he feel he needed to bring on his family's aborted camping trip on Earth? And considering most (or all) of it seems to be chocolate bars, would the candy really be very good anymore? Wouldn't it have melted in the Land of the Lost heat? Later in the episode, we see Kevin's secret stash under a bowl on the top shelf of the kitchen area of the tree-house and there only appear to be 4 or 5 candy bars there; perhaps Kevin has more than one stash. At one point, we see part of the wrapper of one of the candy bars; it looks similar to a Nestle Crunch bar wrapper, but the name is Jim Jam.

Stink, having conned Kevin into believing he has been injured in a fall off the tree-house roof, at several points in the episode asks for a massage, pronouncing it muh-sa-jee like Bugs Bunny does in Looney Tunes cartoons. He also pronounces muscles as muhs-kuhls like Popeye in his cartoons. Later, Kevin mimics Stink's use of the word "massage", pronouncing it muh-sa-jee as well.

Speaking of conning Kevin, in "Cheers" Stink is upset when Kevin asks him to lie to cover up the car accident. He says, "No like lie-fibs." Yet, here, he seems to have no qualms about lying to Kevin to get out of the work Kevin wants his help with. And, beyond that, he uses his con to get Kevin to essentially be his slave for the day!

At 9:58 in the episode, when Stink shuts off the boom box, he must have accidentally hit the eject button because the cassette tray opens up. Yet, when Tasha turns it on again, the music starts playing even though the cassette is still unloaded! Then, at 10:03, actor Bobby Porter (as Stink) notices that the cassette tray is open and quickly closes it as he also "turns off" the music!

When Stink asks for jojiwanga fruit because it's "good for owies," Kevin tells him they don't have any jojiwanga and says " about an apple?" Perhaps he suggests the apple because, in the way that jojiwanga is good for owies, an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Apparently Spike has become a friend to the Porters, despite his initial somewhat aggressive nature as seen in the first season. As Kevin picks some jojiwanga fruit from a tree, he is standing on top of Spike to do it.

At 14:45 in the episode, Scarface once again shows what a wimp he is by getting knocked to the ground by a swipe of Spike's tail. When he gets up again he doesn't even bother to go after the fleeing stego, he stomps off in the opposite direction.

Throughout the episode, pretending-to-be-injured Stink has been honking a bulb horn every time he wants something from Kevin or Tasha. Having turned the tables on him, Kevin now has the horn and Tasha has a similar one for calling for Stink's service. But Tasha's horn, despite being a bulb horn as well, sounds like a diesel air horn! Listen: Kevin's horn Tasha's horn

Pakuni translations
Time in episode Pakuni English
3:32 In his sleep, Stink says, "Anko woche nabuka." nabuka=banana. The other words are unknown.
3:41 Stink says, "Nabuka." "Banana."
3:47 Stink says, "Anu." "No."
4:01 Stink says, "Asoca?" "Candy?"
4:45 Stink says, "Anu." "No."
4:49 Stink says, "tempumagu" "glow worm"
6:40 Stink says, "Anu, Kevin Porter." "No, Kevin Porter."
7:06 Stink says, "Malu! Malu!" "Bad! Bad!"
7:18 Stink says, "Malu! Malu." "Bad! Bad."
7:39 Stink says, "Very malu." "Very bad."
11:22 Stink says, "Stink want nabuka." "Stink want banana."
11:31 Stink says, "Get nabuka." "Get banana."
11:34 Stink says, "Stink want nabuka!" "Stink want banana!"
12:15 Stink says, "Stink want nabuka." "Stink want banana."
12:58 Stink says, "Anu. No want nabuka. Want jojiwanga." "No. No want banana. Want jojiwanga." Jojiwanga is a grapefruit-sized, orange-colored fruit with black stripes that grows on trees in the Land.
17:37 Stink says, "Azuca!" "Candy!" Earlier, Stink seemed to say "Asoca" as the word for candy.
19:56 Stink says, "Malu! Malu!" "Bad! Bad!"

Memorable Dialog
film at 11.wav
patch the roof.wav
Stink need beauty sleep.wav
better lay off the junk bugs.wav
muscles ache.wav
need more massage.wav
don't make me come down there.wav
jojiwanga good for owies.wav
great hunter.wav

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