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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)

"The Possession"

01:16 Three moons appear in the sky.

01:30 Ta, Sa and Chaka are eating green grapes.

01:51 Chaka sees a pylon. It is not known whether this is a new pylon or a previously encountered pylon. It appears to be making a humming sound.

03:17 The three moons (or two moons and the sun) align vertically. This appears to cause the door of the pylon to open.

03:45 Inside the pylon appears to be a crystal pedestal and a green viewport of some kind, filled with cloudy green mist. When inside the pylon Chaka appears to be affected in a way that seems like electrocution.

04:27 Chaka is given a foot-long silver rod and teleported outside the pylon. His eyes grow a vivid blue-green.

04:42 Chaka points the rod at Ta and Sa, apparently shocking them. They run away. Chaka walks zombie-like through the jungle.

05:12 Chaka encounters a Triceratops (Spike).

05:22 Chaka crosses the crevasse over the rock bridge (left to right).

05:40 Chaka then comes (from the left) to the Lost City where he encounters the Allosaurus (Alice).

05:58 Holly uses Dopey and the Wooden Cart.

06:08 Rick Marshall feels it's okay to let Holly go off by herself because he heard Grumpy on the other side of the forest.

06:14 Rick Marshal refers to the large plastic water carriers as "Water Bags"

06:25 Holly is looking for grapes. She wanted strawberries but Dopey ate them.

07:16 When Chaka hands Holly the silver rod she is momentarily shocked and then takes on the zombie-like characteristics Chaka had.

07:41 Will Marshall is using a blue bandana to polish large black binoculars.

08:06 On a large rock in the High Bluff cave there are a set of glowing crystals lying around. One red, three blue, one green, one yellow.

08:19 Holly taps the crystals with the silver rod and every crystals light shuts off. She then touches the baton to Will and he is knocked unconscious by the shock. She continues to press the rod to the crystals, apparently draining them of their glow.

09:10 The Marshals have a fire pit in the High Bluff cave that appears constantly lit.

10:03 Will can lead Rick to Holly because he somehow senses the direction she is in. He believes it might be an aftereffect of the shock.

10:57 Rick senses something else that is not Holly. Chaka appears to be the cause. Chaka appears to be in shock.

11:12 Rick wonders why if Holly was strong enough to knock Will out, Chaka is still on his feet?

11:54 Will still seems to be able to sense Holly.

12:08 Holly goes to the Lost City (right to left).

12:18 Will can sense that Holly is in the Lost City, but he does not know how he knows.

12:39 Will senses that Holly needs more crystals to charge the silver baton. He also senses that as long as she has the wand they won't hurt her. Will believes the Sleestak know what the silver baton is. Will tells them that the Sleestaks are currently in their dormant season and are still asleep unless something wakes them.

13:29 Holly is in what appears to be Enik's cave with the large crystals embedded in the way (at least nine of them). She uses the silver baton to touch the large crystals in the way and they immediately stop glowing. She also passes the wand over the crystal pedestal and all the crystals on the pedestal stop glowing.

14:07 Will and Marshall arrive at Enik's room. Will states that since she has drained the crystals they will not ever be able to open the time doorway.

14:39 At this point the silver baton is flashing white lights from inside of it. Holly touches the wand to Rick which shocks him to the point he falls to the ground.

15:24 Holly meets Chaka while he is carrying a large gourd bowl.

15:47 Holly strikes at her father repeatedly with the silver baton. Rick slowly leads her around. Holly knocks Ricks backpack out of his hands with the baton.

16:19 Rick takes Chaka's gourd bowl and throws the water on Holly which makes her drop the baton.

17:00 Holly says that she remembers that after she charged the baton she had to get back to the pylon, but she does not remember why. Will wonders that something inside the pylon must need more power, but he thinks the pylons have always been friendly. Rick points out that the pylons are not friendly, but rather not unfriendly. He decides he has to destroy whatever it is in the pylons.

18:17 Will convinces Rick to take Holly and himself with Rick to the pylon to destroy whatever is in there because they can show Rick where the pylon is.

18:28 When the Marshalls arrive at the pylon the door is already open. "Like it was waiting for us" points out Rick. Chaka runs away.

19:01 Inside the pylon is the same large green ball of light.

19:21 Will and Holly seem hypnotized by the pylon. "That thing's got them again" notes Rick.

19:37 Rick tries to stop their possession by removing crystals from the matrix. Holly stretches out her hand and tells Rick to "Stop".

19:54 Rick asks the ball of light to let the children go and Will responds in a possessed voice "I am the great and powerful". Rick responds that the ball is not great and powerful, but he only thinks he is. By possessing Holly and Will the ball of light responds.

20:04 Through alternately Will and Holly he responds "I am the Watcher of the Pylons. The Possessor of the Presence. I am the Sleeper who is Awakened. I am the most Powerful and the Greatest of All." Rick asks him what he wants and he responds "I want Power. I want the Crystals". When Rick asks why he responds "I am the Watcher of the Pylons. I am the Possessor of the Presence. I am the Sleeper who is Awakened. It is my destiny to Rule All!" Rick tells him that nobody has the right to rule anybody. The light ball responds "I can do Anything. I am the most powerful and the greatest!" "I take what I want. I use whoever I need!" When Rick starts throwing crystals out of the control pedestal the being uses Will and Holly to ask Rick to stop. "Stop! I command you! Stop! Stop!" The being compels Holly to use her own voice to say "Daddy, please!" and Rick pauses until Will (also in his own voice) also says "Daddy, please!". Rick continues tossing the crystals from the pedestal to the floor. At which point the green ball of light starts to beg "Don't shut off my power source! Please! It's lonely in here. Please don't let me die."

21:46 When Rick is finished throwing all the crystals from the pedestal both Will and Holly collapse. At this point a giant face appears in the green ball of light. It is a Sleestak and Rick speculates that it may have been one of the builders of the pylons (one of Enik's people), but they will never know for sure.