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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: Stone Soup Land of the Lost
"Stone Soup"
Written by Joyce Perry
Directed by Bob Lally
Original airdate: December
7, 1974

A tremendous heat wave and draught ensues when the power crystals are stolen from the weather pylon.

Read the complete story summary by Nels Olsen

Didja Notice?

The dino stampede seen at 4:32 on the DVD is the same shot seen in "Circle".

The carrots and turnips Holly wants to add to the stoup are normal-size ones, not the gigantic ones seen in "Tag Team" and even the giant carrot eaten by Emily later in this episode (see next comment below).

At 6:25 on the DVD, Emily the brontosaur is in the jungle eating a giant carrot. Not that exciting, but I had never noticed that before, I just assumed she was eating leaves off the bushes and trees. However, it's odd that Holly is disappointed that Emily just ate the only one they've had since the drought; she and Will left the cave to gather potatoes and onions, not a carrot, already having normal carrots at the cave.

Emily's roar sounds like a modified Big Alice roar.

It seems odd that Emily would chase creatures as small as Will and Holly as she does, considering she is a brontosaur and, therefore, not a predator. Perhaps the scene was inspired by the more vicious brontosaurs depicted in the films The Lost World (1925) and King Kong (1933).

At 7:26 on the DVD we see that the pylons do not have a foundation in the ground; Emily is able to tip it by shoving against it with her head.

Holy Tatooine! Did you know there are two suns in the Land of the Lost?! It's right there at 9:59 on the DVD!
Twin suns

At 11:42 on the DVD, the top of the jungle set can just be seen in the top left corner as the camera pulls back; the top of a tree set piece is truncated and a couple of studio lights or something are seen.

At 13:00 on DVD, as the Marshalls approach the Pakuni enclosure, why does Holly ask, "Don't they have a door or something?" She already knows they have a door from the visit they made in "The Paku Who Came to Dinner".

The way the crystals have been piled together by the Pakuni, it seems like they would have had some reactions like the bright light, explosion, force field, etc. Why didn't they?

At 14:40 on the DVD, Rick tells Will to go get a stone to make stone soup. Wouldn't this show Ta that there is nothing special about a soup stone? That he could just grab any stone to make stone soup?

Again, Sa is referred to as "he", this time by both Will and Rick. I wonder if, at some point, a decision was made by Gerrold or the producers to start identifying Sa as a male so that Ta and Sa wouldn't be assumed to be Cha-ka's parents. Sometimes the two Pakuni (especially Ta) are not too kind to Cha-ka; so maybe the producers wanted to avoid having the kids that watched the show think that Cha-ka's parents were mistreating him.

At 17:00 on the DVD, the Marshalls are laughing at Ta eating the flower. But one male laugh heard does not really sound like either Will or Rick. Listen: laugh.wav

When the Marshalls replace the crystals back onto the matrix table in the weather pylon, how do they know what order to arrange them in? Or does it matter? From Enik's discussions of the matrix tables for the time doorway, the patterns are very complex.

Why do Will and Holly act so astonished at the closing of the pylon door? They've seen it before in "Skylons" and "The Possession".

Wow! wow.wav

The Pakuni and the Marshalls both have the same kind of cooking pot. Guess there's a Pottery Barn in the Lost City!

Pakuni pot Marshall pot

Unanswered Questions

How did the door of the weather pylon get open for the Pakuni to take the crystals from the matrix? In other episodes, they don't seem to know how to open them. Another eclipse or conjunction of the moons as seen in "The Possession"?

Pakuni translations
Time on DVD Pakuni English
5:37 Ta says "Anu! En wachi. En wachi." "No! (Not) now. (Not) now." I am guessing that "en" possibly means "not". The word is not in any known glossary.
9:31 Ta says "Ye ba. Ye ba. Bake epi." "You come. You come. Bring light."
11:07 Rick says "Amurani. Amurani." "Friends. Friends."
11:09 Ta says "Ye nooo amura. Ye ru onam." "You (are) no friend. You steal food."
11:18 Ta says "Yeni ru onam meni. Wachi a en wachi. Ye ma achica meni." "You steal our food. Now (a en) now. You give us crystal." I can't figure out the second sentence. "Achica" is not in any known glossary; from the context I am guessing it means crystal.
11:32 Ta says, "Epi. Yeni ku wachi." "Light. You go now."
13:34 Sa says, "Onam." "Food."
13:35 Ta says, "Chiri. Sa opari yeni bako onam yeni?" "Quiet. Why do you bring your food?"
14:03 Ta says, "Meni fa onam." "We accept the food."
14:25 Ta says, "Opima!" "Stone!"
14:35 Ta says, "Yo. Meni ku dinda." "Yes. We go eat."
15:03 Cha-ka says, "Opira." "Salt."
15:56 Ta says, "Me wu efi." "I see the thing."
16:06 Ta says, "Aganka." "Iguana."
16:23 Ta says, "De togo don opima." I haven't been able to translate this sentence other than opima=stone.
16:44 Ta says, "Ewoya." "Flower."
17:18 Ta says, "Me aboma. Me to dari." "I'm leader. I eat first." "To dari" is not in any known glossary; I am guessing at it's meaning here.
17:31 Ta says, "Meni em pika epini. Epini consani." "We trade for lights. Lights consani." "Consani" is not in any known glossary.
17:42 Ta says, "Meni em pika opima don epini." "We trade stone for lights."
18:03 Ta says, "Opima." "Stone."
21:47 Cha-ka says "Se hepi." "Reflection."
21:55 Cha-ka says, "Onam. Me dinda." "Food. I eat!"
22:18 Cha-ka says, "Ye yenku." ye=you. "Yenku" is not in any known glossary.

Memorable Dialog

2 or 3 times a day.wav
flipped out.wav
stone soup.wav
angry pot roast.wav
who would take care of Dad?.wav
dinner anyone?.wav
what is the sound of a Paku falling.wav
territorial by nature.wav
a pile of crystals.wav
flowers are for wearing.wav
the end of the world.wav
no more electrostatic storm.wav
chasing a poor little Paku.wav
go jump in the swamp.wav
whaddaya know.wav

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