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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
Land of the Lost: Scarab "Scarab"
Written by Ian Martin
Directed by Rick Bennewitz
Original airdate: November 27, 1976

The bite of an insect unleashes evil within Cha-ka.

Read the complete story summary by Nels Olsen

Didja Notice?

At times during Cha-ka's acts of vandalism in the Old Temple, the music playing turns to Grumpy's theme! I suppose it's meant to indicate Cha-ka's emotional transformation into something ominous and dangerous.

At 11:22 on the DVD, Cha-ka apparently throws his voice to fool Will into thinking he is off in the distance.

Apparently, the Sleestak god is not solely carnivorous. At 11:41 on the DVD, the Sleestak are seen tossing vegetables into the Hole of No Return.

It seems as if the Marshalls keep fires burning in the stone bowls outside the temple door at all times. Why bother with it during the day?

In the scene at 13:29 on the DVD, Cha-ka sounds like a spoiled child. I think we've all encountered the type! Listen: spoiled

The effects of the scarab bite on Cha-ka are apparently reversed by treating the insect with kindness. Seems pretty far-fetched!

At 21:28 on the DVD, in the background you can see that Cha-ka escapes the chamber of the pit by running through the legs of the Sleestak blocking his way!

At the end of the episode, the Marshalls are again playing with their homemade chess set, previously seen in "Repairman".

Unanswered Questions

Enik says the beetle that has bitten Cha-ka is called tula and is the same scarab that was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians (that would make it a dung beetle, though they are not known to be as large as the one that bit Cha-ka). How does he know about the ancient Egyptians, an Earth civilization? Has he, perhaps, been studying Earth via the time doorway? And are there actually Egyptian scarabs with a bite that has mind-altering consequences? I don't think so!

Memorable Dialog

Cha-ka work yesterday.wav
make a meal out of us yet.wav
Jack put Cha-ka to bed.wav
I am not sure Cha-ka is a friend.wav
where have you hidden the Sleestak skull.wav
Cha-ka not like.wav
worshipped by the ancient Egyptians.wav
obey the Pakuni.wav

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