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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: Follow That Dinosaur Land of the Lost
"Follow That Dinosaur"
Written by Dick Morgan
Directed by Dennis Steinmetz
Original airdate: November
30, 1974

The Marshalls discover the journal of a human who was once trapped in the Land of the Lost.

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Didja Notice?

Why is this episode called "Follow That Dinosaur?" They don't follow any dinosaurs. In fact, a dinosaur, Grumpy, follows them across the stone bridge of the crevasse to the Lost City.

Holly refers to dinosaur nip as "ferns". The analogous catnip is not a member of the fern family.

The dummy left behind by Private Konik is stuffed with dinosaur nip...and except for having turned a dark color over time, it's still inside. Might that suggest that it wasn't too long ago that Konik was in the Land? And yet when the Marshalls find the cave in the Lost City they see gourds and a blanket that look like they've been sitting a long time and, eventually, the Marshalls find the decayed, skeletal remains of Konik and Harry Potts.

At 6:54 on the DVD, the cliffside Will and Holly are at near the gorge appears to be a reuse of the High Bluff miniature! Notice the "window" of the Marshalls' cave can be seen on the left edge of the screen.

The portion of the gorge where Will and Holly toss in the dinosaur nip is the same area where they and Cha-ka were trapped on a ledge in "Tag Team".

Konik's journal says that he taught some of the "monkey people" some English words. Obviously referring to the Pakuni, but what Pakuni? Ta, Sa, and Cha-ka don't seem to have known any English words until they met the Marshalls.

Before heading to the Lost City to track Konik and Harry Potts, Rick says the Sleestak dormant season is almost over. How does he know? How many "seasons" could have gone by already in the short time they've been there?

The Marshalls don't seem to be as concerned about leaving messages to help future castaways in the Land as Private Konik was. They even throw away his dummy!

Grumpy almost falls into the crevasse after crossing it. That would have been quite an end to a great villain.

The actors in the Sleestak costumes have a hard time standing stock-still as the dormant Sleestak. You can see their bodies and arms swaying slightly.

Private Konik refers to the lava pit as the Devil's Cauldron.

At 18:31 on the DVD you can see the ground "squishing" down under Rick's weight as he crawls through the tunnel. The floor of the set piece must have been padding covered with dirt. At about 19:50, the whole tunnel set piece seems to jiggle as the Marshalls rapidly crawl through in an attempt to escape before the Sleestak awaken from their dormant season as the lava in the Devil's Cauldron rises.

During their fight, Grumpy and Alice knock down one of the pillars outside the Lost City. But the same pillar is still seen standing later in this episode (and in later episodes)!

Konik signs the end of his journal as a private in General Washington's revolutionary army. Washington was a general and hero of the Continental Army during the American Revolution and the first President of the United States.

Memorable Dialog

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