Land of the Lost: Downstream

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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Land of the Lost: Downstream "Downstream"
Written by Larry Niven
Directed by Dennis Steinmetz
Original airdate: September
28, 1974

The Marshalls meet a confederate soldier from the U.S. civil war who is mining crystals which have unusual properties.

Read the complete story summary by Nels Olsen

Didja Notice?

Why is Grumpy chasing the Marshalls' raft along the shore of the river when Dopey is standing right there next to him, easy pickin's?
Grumpy and Dopey

The Marshalls don't seem to buy that Collie is actually a Civil War veteran...they think he's just crazy. Given that there are species from multiple time periods (including themselves) why would they doubt Collie's origin? He certainly seems to look and act as if he is from an earlier time than their own 1970's.

At one point, Rick refers to the Sleestak as "big insects" instead of lizards or reptiles. And Collie says they taste like lobster. Just what are the Sleestak?

Collie says blue crystals will make you sick. Why? Are they radioactive? In "Album", Will and Holly hold a blue crystal which causes them to see a hallucination of their mother. Is this what he meant?

What is this weird "you" spoken at about 14:56 on the DVD? Spooky! Listen: you

Does Collie actually say "God damn you" on a children's program?! Listen: slimy, green, long legged.wav

Collie sounds like my former landlady.

Easter Eggs

All three disks of season one in the DVD boxed set have hidden easter eggs. On the disk one easter egg, Gerrold says that the character of Jefferson Davis Collie III was named after a guy his sister dated, who really was a 3rd generation descendent of Jefferson Davis (president of the Confederate States of America).

Memorable Dialog

strange river.wav
faces smilin'.wav
strange folks.wav
river don't end.wav
do you know how long it's been.wav
big insects.wav
tasted like lobster.wav
slimy, green, long legged.wav
Witchie-Poo or Collie?.wav
you better listen.wav
hairy chest.wav
Tyrannosaurus rex.wav
begins and ends.wav
big tyrannosauruses.wav

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