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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
Land of the Lost: Abominable Snowman "Abominable Snowman"
Written by Sam Roeca
Directed by Joe Scanlan
Original airdate: November 6, 1976

The Marshalls encounter a unicorn and a terrifying snow beast.

Read the complete story summary by Nels Olsen

Didja Notice?

During the opening scene of this episode, there is a cool shot of pterodactyls flying right toward and over the camera.

Although we don't get a close look, the basket Will is carrying at the beginning of the episode appears to be filled with giant strawberries (although not as giant as the ones in season one).

At 3:08 on the DVD, the basket of strawberries gets left behind as Grumpy approaches. The strawberries are suddenly MUCH LARGER!

While caring for the unicorn (which she dubs Corny), Holly comments that she had a billy goat once. Has she forgotten about the horse she owned at the time of the Marshall's expedition, as mentioned in "The Hole"?

At 9:34 on the DVD, the roar of Tapa (the Abominable Snowman) sounds like the snarl of a mountain lion.

After Holly and Cha-ka have escaped from Tapa and meet Jack, he says, "You two scared the death out of us!" It seems like he crossed "scared us to death" with "scared the heck (or other words!) out of us." It reminds me of Spencer Milligan's fumble of lines when he says "We have no idea of knowing" in "Skylons". It must be a Marshall trait!

At 22:20 on the DVD, the Marshalls cross the log over the crevasse with Corny in tow. Lucky it's just a special effect; somehow, I doubt a real pony/unicorn could be made to cross a narrow log like that.

Unanswered Questions

What happened to Corny? We're left with the impression the Marshalls have made a pet of him, but we don't see or hear about him again in subsequent episodes. Not that I'm complaining, it's just that I'd have liked to see the moment Corny got gobbled up by Grumpy.

Memorable Dialog

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