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Gary Geick



The following story is a prelude to "The Stranger". These events take place in between Enik's arrival and the first meeting with the Marshals.  Feed back is always welcome.

The city of Altrusia. Tall Egyptian column like spires rise up into the sky, crystal fountains grace the plaza, it's mid morning as the citizens go about there daily routines, they are reptiliod bipeds dressed in toga like outfits of varying colors. Enik a head scientist, is making his way toward the main library/science complex,  going over an ancient scroll on loan from the Library of Skulls.

At the entrance he nearly collides with a fellow college, "Enik, good I wanted to speak with you, it's about this solo archeological expedition you plan on making  in to our past."

"Yes, all is in ready for the temporal insertion, I have finished my calculations. And by tomorrow the crystals will have a sufficient charge." answered Enik who was dressing in a metallic orange knee length tunic.

They continued there walk down through the granite like corridors.

"Maybe i can aid you in double checking your data?" asked Elim.

"I have calculated every thing down to the last detail, no need to recheck it." answered Enik

They parted company, and went on there prospective ways.

Morning came again, and it was time for the project to began, Enik stood in front of the stone light table that came to his waist, his fingers danced over the lighted inset jewel like crystals, that seemed to be the primary source of the Altrusion city. Then behind him a stone doorway
filled with  a mystical fog, which seemed to be held in place by some unknown means.
He then proceed to pick up a  Mageti, a tool for travelling through the universe. These large crystals suspended in the center of a small pyarmid were built to help in the process of temporal and spacial displacement, because they could act as a divining rod of sorts. He then steeped through the doorway, with the fog swimmingly dissipating behind him.

Just then Elim, the college he had spoken with the day before entered the Chamber of Mists, only to see the last of the temporal fog dissipate.


His he examined the configuration of the display panel.

"My friend you have made a serious error in your calculations, and will over shoot the original target, and this could mean you may not have enough energy to return home!"  staring at the now empty arched doorway.

Enik arrived were he had planned,  he looked over his shoulder in time to see the portal close. He was now stuck here until the Mageti could recharge, he surveyed the area, it looked different but then, he expected it to.

He was outside of the city, but just how far was unknown, first order of business was to locate an outpost, Pylon shaped  structures that were built to keep out the indigenous wildlife. He proceeded to set of through the jungle and soon came to a clearing in which he came upon a site which he hadn't seen since childhood, it was a young Sauropod drinking from a brook. He continued on till he came to a grove of Fruit trees and encountered a even stranger site to behold. It was a infant Brontosaur pulling a cart follow by a pink skinned humanoid child in strange garments, he was puzzled, for he had no knowledge of beings like this existing  at this time, but no time for that now. He finely made his way to a cave with had a crude form of Altursian language on the walls, and they were of similar to modern design, and the path branched of into an array of connecting tunnels, he processed foreword, not needing a torch, since he had perfect night vision. Unaware he was being watched he
entered a small chamber and set the glowing elongated jewel suspended in it tetrahedral frame on a small rock shelf, he then went to explore these ruins and find out what he could learn , unaware that his world would be turned upside down, from a visit with these odd pink skinned strangers.